With this new partnership, Chef Andrea Zanin will consult with the Electrolux Professional team in North America to promote innovation. We are excited to announce our partnership with Chef Andrea Zanin in North America. He will be working closely with the company to provide education and support for Electrolux Professional solutions. Chef Zanin will be attending our training seminars and consulting with our Sales team. He will also be promoting Electrolux Professional across his social media platforms. You can follow him on Instagram and LinkedIn. The culinary family business for Chef Zanin Andrea Zanin did not start out wanting to be a chef. Though he worked in the bakery with his father, mother, and brothers, he decided to study finance and economics at the University of Venice. “My father was a great baker,” Chef Zanin says. “He is still very active, continues to make cake and bread. His influence on me was to transfer passion, love for this job, to work very hard, and to be a great and respectful professional person. This is the fundamental value that gave me an amazing career.” When his father fell ill, he was asked to take over the family business – a pastry and coffee shop. “I accepted the challenge, and I started to learn and improve my profession,” Chef Zanin said. He first went to the Etoile School in Sottomarina (Venice), Italy – and then Paris, France, to develop his skills. He returned to Italy to improve his business. He also developed a catering business, as there was a big need in Venice. He fell in love with the savory part of his job. In 2004, he was named Best Chef at Cinema Festival La Biennale by the mayor of Venice. “I still create my plate, and my dish with the vision, color, texture of the pastry chef,” Chef Zanin said. “This helps me a lot to create my line and my visions.” Award-winning chef builds a relationship with Electrolux Professional The award-winning chef has provided all the culinary services to Lamborghini USA and Brunello Cucinelli since 2017. He started as a pastry chef in Italy, following in his father’s footsteps. He has also served as CEO of Queens County Bakers New York and opened a three-star Café located in New York City. In 2016 he founded AZCucina LLC which provided consulting services and high-end luxury catering. Chef Zanin’s first contact with Electrolux Professional was when he was in Paris. When he returned to Italy, a chef friend opened his mind to an Electrolux Professional kitchen. He used our equipment in one of his restaurants in 1995. “I expect to work together with Electrolux Professional to use my skill and knowledge to approach and develop this market,” Chef Zanin says. “I chose Electrolux Professional a long time ago in Italy for my company. I enjoy About Electrolux Professional–it is one of the leading global providers of foodservice, beverage and laundry for professional users. Our innovative products and worldwide service network make our customers’ work-life easier, more profitable – and truly sustainable every day. Our solutions and products are manufactured in 12 plants in seven countries and sold in over 110 countries. In 2019, Electrolux Professional had global sales of SEK 9,3bn and approximately 3,600 employees. Electrolux Professional’s B-shares are listed at Nasdaq Stockholm.

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