Dawn Nieman with American Recruiters - Linden, MIFrom Franchisee Dawn Nieman – Franchise owner since 2021.

American Recruiters was precisely the type of business I was looking for; a team of entrepreneurs with a similar mindset and vision. The Corporate office promotes collaboration & teamwork amongst franchisee owners – one of the many benefits is not having to recreate the wheel.

Dawn Nieman – Franchise Owner, Linden, MI

American Recruiters Simpsonville, SC - Grace HensleyFrom Franchisee Grace Hensley- Franchise owner since 2022.

We wanted a brand name we could stand behind that we knew would embody integrity and professionalism. This group is the best I have ever worked with in my career. Genuine, caring individuals who know their roles and excel greatly in them. There is an expert for anything I need, and the environment of true teamwork and professionalism has blown me away. Our team mentors are great at giving us solutions and advice without simply feeding us answers. By giving us the thought process, we are truly learning.

Grace Hensley – Franchise Owner – Simpsonville, SC

Matt Hensley with American Recruiters - Simpsonville, SCFrom Franchisee Matt Hensley- Franchise owner since 2022.

The training offered by American Recruiters is second to none. With their 40 years of proven methodologies, they successfully transformed me from an untrained novice into a professional capable of making a placement in just six weeks. Without their comprehensive training program, achieving this milestone would have been virtually impossible.

Matt Hensley – Franchise Owner, Simpsonville, SC

“Hi Frank, I wanted to thank you and confirm that I am good to go for the start of my new job, next week. I truly appreciate all of your help in connecting me with this position. It was perfect for me as a General Manager in Texas that was in LTC pharmacy.  You did a fantastic job and I will continue to recommend you to all of my colleagues. Thank you again for finding me a fantastic opportunity where I know I will bring a lot of value and also continue to grow professionally with a great company. If you ever need anything from me, please let me know.”

– John N.   Pharmacy Candidate

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Thank You, Frank Carieri

“Ina was so great and helpful! She found me through my CV posted on an online app. We connected and discussed my specific skillset and my goals in my career. Afterward, she presented to me a job that I would be a good candidate for to which I applied and was granted an interview. After the rounds of interviews and meet and greets I was offered the job. I did not even know that this job existed or this company was looking but because of Ina, I am now a happy employee. I appreciate Ina’s support, knowledge, and advice! She was GREAT to work with!!”
– M. Douglas (Candidate)

Ina presented me with a great job opportunity that I didn’t know existed.

Ina reached out to me via LinkedIn because she thought I may be a good fit for a leadership position. Ina assisted me thru the introduction, the interview process, negotiation and making sure the onboarding process was smooth for me. She is personable, and knowledgeable and was always available for any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. It was a seamless transition into my new position thanks to Ina!”

– Ericka F. (Candidate)

Thank You, Ina !

Ina helped me throughout my entire job search process in finding the perfect job after I retired from the military. She provided me with peace of mind, confidence, and encouragement to find a great career after serving this great country. She has been there every step of the way – and she helped without hesitation and with open arms. She is truly appreciated, and I will never forget the amount of work she had put into helping me. Thank you, ma’am.”

– Gerald C. Candidate

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Ina Phillip is truly appreciated.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience working with Ina Phillip at American Recruiters! Starting with our very first phone call she was so professional, helpful, and responsive. She helped prepare me for a very robust interview process. I was nervous, but with Ina’s coaching, guidance, and support, I was able to go into each interview feeling calm, confident, and ready to kill it! I was offered and accepted the job opportunity that Ina helped prepare me for and I know I couldn’t have done it without her! If you’re looking for an all around awesome recruiter, experience, and person, look no further than Ina!” – Natalie S. (Candidate)

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I Can’t Say Enough Great Things

I have had the rare honor of seeing Craig Wilson in action as a true leader in his industry.. As a coach and expert on the subject of value-based leaders, I can’t recommend a better person than Craig for any business dealings. He is fair, kind, engaging and consistent. He makes sure he always delivers “the personal touch” in everything he does. He is exceptional.

Craig Wilson is Exceptional

Craig has a wealth of industry knowledge and utilizes a vast network of contacts. He is reliable and presents options when needed. He is a great professional to work with.

Craig Wilson – Wealth of Industry Knowledge
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