How a #beBetter Campaign –
Turned Into Our Business Mantra

American Recruiters beBetter StampIt started as a brainstorming exercise in pursuit of creating a catchy, simple ad campaign to bring additional awareness to our business and our Brand: (“the intangible sum of a product’s attributes.” )

It ended up being a “mantra” that now encroaches on every aspect of what we do, and on every level of service. It certainly wasn’t what we started out to accomplish when we started the session, but we came away with a much more impactful result than we could have ever imagined.

In a nut-shell, we came to an agreement that there wasn’t one thing that we couldn’t get better at. Nor would we ever stop wanting to be better, at everything…at something. And on a human level, as well as a professional level, wasn’t that what was most important?

It’s not the pursuit of Perfection. But instead a drive and commitment to be better than we were yesterday and to incorporate that pursuit into the fabric of who we are.

So then we asked ourselves:American Recruiters One of America's Best Recruiting and Staffing Firms

Can our Website be better….?  Yes.
Can our Technology be Better…?  Yes.
Can our Methodology beBetter…?  Yes.
Can our Communication beBetter…?  Yes.
Can our BRAND #beBetter….?  (You get the idea now, right?)

It’s become part of everything we do.

We’re striving every day to #beBetter at the little things we do and the big things.
We’ve incorporated the “stamp” into our Branding as a reminder for customers and ourselves – We won’t ever stop working to #beBetter.