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Acute Care Recruitment

Long-Term Care Recruitment

Pharmacy Recruitment

Foodservice and Industrial Recruitment

IT and Business Administration

How is American Recruiters different?

We differentiate ourselves by working hard to develop Better Strategic Solutions for our clients and digging deep into our candidates’ real wants and needs; taking into consideration critical elements like corporate cultures and human dynamics of those whom they’ll be interacting and working with every day. Our candidates rely on us for objectivity, advice and career alternatives. They’ve proven to be invaluable assets to our clients when identifying candidates for the right “fit” along with other compatibility components far beyond paper qualifications and job specifications. Our team uses a proven sourcing and recruiting methodology that allows us to seek out and find professionals that in many cases are not readily available to the open job market.

Better Candidate Selection. We work tirelessly as a team to locate, identify & evaluate innovative healthcare leaders regarded by their peers as individuals who “make a clear and Better difference” on an employer’s workforce. Our recruiting consultants are highly trained specialists that have impressive tenures with American Recruiters and in healthcare recruiting.

Helping Employers to “beBetter“.

Today, American Recruiters’ mantra is distinguishably different. It has to be, in order to grow our business.  Unlike other providers of medical staffing services and pharmacy staffing services, our thinking is based upon answers to the following question:

“How can we do our best job for our clients by utilizing all our available resources in meeting clients’ needs and strive to exceed their expectations?”

Outplacement Services at American Recruiters

Helping Job Seekers to “beBetter“.

Candidates who are ready to differentiate themselves from others who are competing for the most desirable positions, get noticed, and they get the jobs they want.  We’ll help you get ready.

It’s tough out there, and in today’s job market, we are committed to helping our Candidates to do more than simply survive.  We can do “better” for you.  We can help you to thrive!