Better Hiring – Begins Here

American Recruiters is a 37-year-old national recruiting and staffing firm that selectively partners with key employers in key facilities, in order to deliver the highest level of professionals available. We have excelled for, and with our clients over the last 30+ years, by consistently putting together the right Job Seekers with the right Employers and supplying the missing pieces that allow businesses like yours to #beBetter.

We differentiate ourselves by working to understand the big picture and then working to develop #Better strategic solutions on both sides of every potential placement and digging deep into our clients’ real wants and needs; taking into consideration critical elements like corporate cultures and human dynamics of teams and fiduciary responsibilities.

Our teams nationwide, work to offer our clients unique and diverse staffing options that in turn, afford their team’s advantageous opportunities to succeed. From temporary staffing, for short or long term projects, to temp-to-hire models, to permanent or direct placements. #betterHiring means access to a full array of human capital management solutions.

We are a solid and interconnected group of strong, experienced, and dedicated professionals, who make themselves available to strategize along with you, to formulate solid plans with you, and to work with you to get the results your business needs, quickly.

Specialty Areas

Healthcare Specialties

Long Term Care
Skilled Nursing
Assisted Living
Emergency Room Centers
Dialysis Centers
Medical Technicians
Physician Practices
Surgery Centers
Urgent Care Clinics
Specialty Pharmacy
Long Term Care Pharmacy
Outpatient Clinics

Non-Healthcare Specialties

Consumer Appliances
Food Ingredients
Food Processing Equipment
Foodservice Equipment
Controls Engineering & IoT
Janitorial & Sanitation
Kitchen-Restaurant Design
Material Handling
Publishing & Advertising
Tabletop Supplies
Information Technology
Business Administration


Human Capital Management Services

Recruiting & Staffing Services:

  • Temporary – Interim – Contract – Consulting – Staffing – Connect with us and let us know what you need. We can work with you to address circumstances such as interim leadership, short term projects, upturns in demand, operational modifications, personnel absences, turnover, etc. Ask any of our locations about creative solutions available to take advantage of these “opportunities to succeed”.  They’re only problems if you don’t resolve them. Let’s have a conversation about succeeding.
  • Temp-to-Hire – Reduce your hiring risks by working with an employee on the job before you make a full-time hire. Get to know the employee and how they fit into and affect your team’s culture and productivity. At the end of the trial period, you can request a Direct Hire of that employee. Ask any of our locations for more information about Temp-to Hire options.
  • Direct Hire – Our teams use proven sourcing and recruiting methodology that allows us to seek out and find the most qualified professionals who are not readily available to the open job market or who are actively visiting job boards.

Gateway Out-Placement Services:

Did you know that a reduction in workforce could greatly increase your unemployment insurance expense as much as 4 times? Outplacement Services are utilized when any employer assists their laid-off or furloughed employees in finding new employment. This beneficial service can either be provided by the employer directly or with the assistance of a specialized business like ours. Outplacement is much more than a feel-good service. It has proven and significant financial benefits to the employer company, as well as the separated employee. LEARN MORE


Professional Resume Services

We have a Certified Professional Resume Writer on staff, who is a tenured member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Our immensely talented resume professional began writing resumes in 1998 while recruiting for a temporary placement agency. Heather’s legendary career includes work in the human resource departments of various renowned companies including a Big 4 accounting firm, major publishers, and a world-renowned stock exchange. She also has almost ten years of experience writing legal interpretations for publicly traded companies.  Yes, she’s THAT GOOD!

Get your resume swagger on by getting yourself Professionally Resume’d and be sure to put your best you on the page.

    • Resume Writing or Updates – Freshen up your documents or get a whole new fresh start.
    • Cover Letters – Introduce yourself the right way and get the attention your qualifications and experience deserve.
    • Professional Bios and more – Position your social media bios so that you are presenting a professional impression to potential employers.
    • Get The Facts in the Resume Services Q&A’s  – Get more information about the process, the options and more.