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We truly understand how important it is to have all the facts while considering changes in your professional path.
That’s why American Recruiters has gathered all these important resources – for you.  It’s everything you might need when you’re
looking for new opportunities and you’ll save time by having everything right here, at your fingertips.
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Resume Samples & Templates

Visit our resume center and learn what makes a good resume and what to include on yours. We have some key samples and templates that you will find very helpful, in crafting your own.


Cover Letter Tips & Samples

Too many job seekers use their cover letters to express what they want; however, a truly effective letter speaks to the employer’s needs. Does yours? View our samples and templates.


Resignation Letters

There are choices that suit your individual situation. Explore the differences and decide which is right for you.




Thank You Letters

Never miss an opportunity to send thank you letters to each person involved in your interview.This does so much to show gratitude



Counter Offer Tips

Even if you think this would never happen to you, it is best to prepare in advance so you’ll feel comfortable with your response, which should always be: “No, thank you.”



Relocation Tips & Information

Moving can be extremely stressful and complicated–especially if you’re relocating for a job. But it turns out there are things you can do to lessen the burden.



Insights On Interviewing

Being prepared is critical. This section offers tips, techniques and more to WIN in interviews