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Why start your new recruiting or contract staffing business from scratch when you don’t have to?

American Recruiters is the “smart choice” in recruiting franchises.


More franchise models to choose from, and no geographical restrictions or territories – means more flexibility for YOU!

Our franchisees work within designated Divisions or Specialities. Connect with us to find out more about the possibilities.


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Leverage Your Business

You can leverage your existing recruiting business – with us. Combining and harnessing the power of your knowledge and experience, along with our industry tenure and success, can benefit both your business and ours. American Recruiters has the infrastructure, experience, mentoring, and training programs to assist you in growing your business. You and American Recruiters together, create an instant and powerful sales force that works in conjunction with your own team, to help you expand your business and build the financial future you want for yourself.


The Power Of The Brand

A Brand is more than a name – it’s the sum total of all customer and employee experiences – and it’s an extremely powerful tool. Our Company Brand, created in 1982, is well established and highly-regarded in the recruiting industry. We have numerous loyal, long-standing clients in the healthcare marketplace. As one of our Franchise Partners, you will again be able to leverage your business by using Our established Brand to build or expand Your Business. You and American Recruiters become part of a recognized and reputable team of Franchise Partners and recruiters with time-honored client relationships.


Partnering Benefits

You and American Recruiters team up to become an instant national sales force. We work together with our network of Franchise Partners to locate, evaluate and deliver the highest quality candidates to all of our clients. As part of our team, you will have immediate access to our database of customers and candidates that can create numerous new and exciting opportunities for your business. Our Franchise Partners also have consistent and direct access to our CEO, Recruiting-Business-Expert and Coach Gino Scialdone. Gino’s mentoring and “coaching-style” is invaluable to each one of our owners.



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Frequently Asked Questions


How much sales is involved in this business?

Recruiting is absolutely a sales business, requiring you to be proactively involved in the direction of your day. Simply put – you will build your business by being on the phone, making proactive, outbound calls into your marketplace. Not a couple calls, not a few calls, but an incredibly high volume of client and candidate calls into your market. If you had to put a number on this, it would most likely be a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of active connectivity on the phone in your market every single day – in addition to all of your other business development and networking activities.

What are the expected hours?

The truth is, as with most things, that the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. If your mindset is “What are my work hours and how long is the allotted lunch break?” then we can all but guarantee that this is not the right match for either of us.

Every franchisee at American Recruiters is responsible for building, running and growing their own business and the time you allocate to doing those things successfully will dictate your schedule. Your mindset and that of your employees should be “What can I do to maximize my sales in the first year and grow my business?”, not “What days or hours do I have to work?”.

In order to fully immerse and absorb yourself into this business and into your niche, initially, you should be prepared for rigorous days during the first several months in order to decrease your ramp-up time and to fill up your production pipeline as much as possible.

In order to have the opportunity to earn the income that physicians earn after a decade of schooling, you must be willing to have a short-term time imbalance in the beginning, in order to earn the right to a long-term time balance in the future.

What is the long-term career path?

Success within our organization is available to everyone (but is, of course, not guaranteed to anyone)! You may choose to be a solo producer, or you may choose to grow a team or teams around you. Our environment is one in which you are in control of your lifestyle, balance, future, and income. You have flexibility as to how you can build and grow, along with the structure and support from others who have paved the way for your success.

How long is the ramp-up time?

The decision to migrate from the comfort and security of a base salary to an income that is dependent on your results is certainly a calculated risk. However, it is a risk that many welcome and whom truly crave the opportunity for their compensation to be a direct correlation to their work-rate.

Several factors can influence the amount of time it takes to ramp-up, including your market, your intensity, and your talent. Some experience success within their first month, while others may take many months to create a consistent level of production. Some individuals struggle in their first year, yet their second-year yields a significant level of income – and vice versa.

Do I need to have staffing or recruiting experience?

Not necessarily. Our Franchise Partners come from all walks of life. The most successful ones have strong sales and business development skills and experience. Whether you are a sales executive, tired of working in Corporate America for years and hitting a wall, or simply ready to take your entrepreneurial interest to the next level, American Recruiters offers the training and methodology to enable anyone with a strong work ethic to succeed.

Typically, a new owner will start in the role of business development, making connections with business owners and managers to support their hiring needs. Ultimately, recruiting is sales. There’s no way around that. You have to be comfortable in that role and good at it. Recruiting is not at all similar to working in a company’s HR department. It is constantly selling yourself, your company, and your ability to provide high-quality service (your product).

Where can I locate an office?

Anywhere. You are not bound by territory, nor border restrictions with American Recruiters. The number one criteria in determining location is where you want to live, play, work and retire. We can establish an office anywhere where phone lines and high-speed internet connections exist.

What does a typical day-in-the-life look like?

Most recruiters will prioritize forward-motion sales activities above all else throughout the day. There is no such thing as a “typical day”, but we’ll give you a generalized idea.

Two of our primary objectives are becoming a market master in order to get to know every prospective hiring manager & every viable candidate AND selling all of those people on you, your company and your service. Therefore those objectives will and should drive your daily activity. Your days will consist of a mix of research, planning, and sales activities.

You will spend time planning for your call activities – which specific candidates you are going to reach out to, and what organizations should be on your call list. And the majority of your time will be spent in outbound sales activities – this could be on the phone with a hiring manager with the objective of securing a search assignment, or on the phone with a candidate where the objective is to recruit that individual.

Eventually, your sales activities will include preparing candidates and clients for interviews, debriefing, advising on offers, and coaching through the resignation and transition process. In time, you will learn and execute the entire process!

Initial Fees and Royalties

Our initial franchise fee is $49,500.

Franchisees also pay a Monthly Royalty which is based on their annual sales volume. Here’s how it works:

Monthly Royalty Schedule based on Annual Sales:

Royalty          Annual Sales

8%                  $1 – $400,000

7%                  $400,001 – $1,000,000

5%                  $1,000,001 – $2,000,000

3%                  over $2,000,000


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