I was president and CEO of a US subsidiary of a German company. The company closed, and I had a one-year severance. I looked high and low to try to buy a business, and found a recruiter whom I had worked with at American Recruiters, Carl Carieri. I was determined NOT to work for anyone ever again. Carl asked if I would like to consult with American Recruiters because he and his business partner, Gino Scialdone, were planning to franchise their business. I flew down to meet them and found the business was vibrant, and franchising could be a great opportunity for them to leverage their in-house services. I literally helped them put together a strategy for franchising. At the conclusion of my project, Carl asked me if I was interested in being the first American Recruiters franchisee. He and Gino suggested that I should ask the market what it thought. The following month I attended a major tradeshow and asked several companies if they would need my services to find them talent. Likewise, several individuals asked me to help them find new opportunities. Truly, I walked out of the tradeshow with dozens of searches AND candidates. I signed up with American Recruiters and never looked back. I own my business, and no customer comprises more than 5% of my business. Gino Scialdone and I have been close friends ever since, and his support for my company is phenomenal. No one ever goes to college thinking that they will someday be a recruiter. Yet, for the right individual, it is an amazing opportunity to own your own company, make great income, and make a difference in hundreds of people’s lives—both candidates and clients.

Craig Wilson, Franchisee

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