“Your resume is one of the most important resources you own. When it works – you do; and when it doesn’t – you don’t.” -Daryn Edelman

Don’t worry, our #JobSquad has a Certified Resume Expert that can help you get your PR swagger on!

Daryn Edelman American Recruiters Professional Resume ServicesDaryn Edelman CPRW, is a Certified Professional Resume Writer & member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers (and is a PR SWAGGER specialist).


Daryn Direct:  (310) 666-8292
Email: daryn@ariteam.com


While Daryn was living his dream job, teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District, he started writing resumes part-time for one of the nation’s top career services website. Falling in love with helping people to reach their dream job, Daryn opened his own resume writing company in 2003. He has been featured as a resume expert in publications like Forbes, Fast Company, The Muse, AARP The Magazine, Women’s Day, and Fortune.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

The process is very easy and streamlined. Our goals are the same; to get you the highest quality career documents that will get you interviews, and get it to you ASAP so you can start your job search.

Once we get started, I’ll send you a brief questionnaire, which you fill out and turn back to me. I’ll go over it and start putting together the draft while noting any information that is missing. You can help speed up the process by making sure the questionnaire has as much detail as possible. Even if you think something isn’t relevant, like you do some volunteer work for fun, please include it. It is better to have too much data, and weed out what isn’t of value, as opposed to not having it.

For any follow up questions, we can schedule a quick call, or communicate via email. Once I have all the data, I complete your draft in 4-7 business days. You review for any questions/comments/edits, and let me know. I’ll fix it up for you, and you should be able to start using your resume right away for job boards and leads you want to send to.

How long will it take to finalize my resume?

I complete your documents ASAP, while ensuring the highest quality work, that will get you interviews. The average turn-around time is 4 to 7 business days. There is a Rush Service when possible, to complete your resume from when I receive all the information from you to 48-hours (M-F). Rush Service is an additional $200.

Please make note of your time requirements in the Message section of the Resume Services Information Form on this page.

What is the cost of updating or creating a new resume?

New Resume (Final drafts in MS Word, PDF, and Text Only): $299
Basic Package: Resume and cover letter: $399
Full Package: Resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile: $499

How and when do I pay?

Payment is made prior to the start of our work. When you place your order, we come to an agreement on what will be done and when it will be completed, and your payment is made at that time.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How soon can I get started updating my resume?

If you are looking at jobs in the $90K+ range, every day you aren’t working, you are losing nearly $245. A job over $100K means losing nearly $275 per day. There’s no time like the present to start. Just fill out the Resume Services Information Form on this page. Indicate if you are purchasing the resume only or which package, and click Submit.

Please be sure to note in the Form’s Message section, how quickly you’ll need your final document(s).

How long should a resume be?

The rule about resumes, is that there are very few RULES about resumes. A resume is a commercial about you. You have seconds to make a great first impression. The important thing, is that there is no, “fluff.” Every sentence must add value. Generally, if you have 10+ years’ experience, your resume should be over one page, and seldom should a resume be over 2 pages. The focus is on your most current 10-15 years and older work is minimized.

I’ve been out of the workforce (family issues, medical, sabbatical, etc.). I was fired from my last job. Will an employer think I am job hopping? How do I explain potential red flags on a resume?

Your resume is your commercial. A resume must be 100% truthful and accurate, and at the same time, should focus on your value, while minimizing any weaknesses. There are various ways to organize the resume, write brief explanations, include/exclude text to paint you in the best light.

Why not use the templates provided by LinkedIn, Microsoft Office, or other websites?

“Junk in, junk out.” A template is only as good as the data provided to it. How do you know what to include or exclude from your history? Do you mention why you left a job? How much detail do you use? While there are nearly 7,000 different apps and programs to help you write a resume, there is still nothing that beats a live, human expert who can answer your questions, knows what employers are looking for, and works with you to create an optimal document.


Resume Services Information Form

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