I was happy with my current job. Then out of nowhere, I am approached by another company based in another country to work for them from home. They offered me twice the salary, and a chance to work on something that I like. I informed my manager about my decision and he formally asked me to reconsider and when I declined he said ok please post your resignation and you are on notice period. I posted my resignation.

Then my manager discussed it with the owner of the company and called me again. He informed me that he had a discussion with the big boss and he wants me to again reconsider, He verbally promised that if I do take back my resignation I will be offered tremendous growth in December which is just a month away.

What he offered me still does not match the offer I have from the other company. But he has offered me a managerial position with perks and benefits. I will be the boss of a small team. I told him I will discuss this with my family and then inform him.

Now I want to politely decline the offer. When I researched I found out that it is a really very bad idea to accept a counter job offer. My question is whether or not I should decline the job offer? If I should decline the counter job offer then what is the best way to do this with no bad feelings and politely.BYOB - Be Your Own Boss

The good news is that your current company still likes you enough to try and keep you! First world problems 🙂

First and foremost. Which job do you want more? Not just which one pays more but which one would you be more excited about going to 5 days a week and which one will add more to your personal and professional development? If someone is willing to pay you a lot of money, there is usually a reason why. That reason is usually that you are selling a good portion of your life to them.

You are correct in wanting to handle this carefully. You never know, you might end up back at this company again in the future, so leave all bridges in tack.

If you decline the counter-offer I would start by telling your current company that it is very flattering that they want to keep you but that at this time in your career you feel that the other position offers more career growth or something other than just more money. Also, tell them that you want to make your transition as smooth as possible for everyone and you want to stay in touch.

If you decline the offer from the other company they may counter-offer also. Tell them that while their offer is very attractive and that when you told your boss that they made you an offer that you can’t refuse at this time. If offers career growth, etc… again, not just the money. Be sure to say that you would like to stay in touch. But, keep in mind, they may not offer again.

Good luck and don’t forget to be awesome!


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