Ever worked for a boss that left an indelible imprint in your life? I’m talking about thetype of boss that took the time to mentor and coach you, was always available for you, and had it as a high priority to grow you as a person, entrepreneur, leader?

I have — Bruce was that guy. I wrote an article about him, where I talk about hisServant-Leadership style, and all the things he did that made him the best boss I ever had. (his emotional intelligence was also off-the-charts)

Bruce had so many great leadership qualities. For example:

  • He didn’t get caught up in his positional power or take advantage of his title.
  • He inspired me by making me feel like an equal.
  • He shared some of the decision-making with me to stretch my growth.
  • He allowed me to have a seat at the table in important discussions.
  • He provided me with all the resources I needed to do my best work.

In short, Bruce did what the best of Servant-Leaders do: He invested in my development, and looked after my needs so that I was equipped to succeed and serve my customers with excellence.

Most people, I would hope, probably have reported to such a boss. I would also hope that most bosses aspire to become such a boss! This is what leadership is truly all about.

I say this because — just as Bruce did to elevate my own performance — great leadership behaviors will drive high performance in followers.

Leaders like these aren’t characters in some Hollywood script. They are real humans beings that arrived there through hard work, trial and error, and a wholehearted commitment to learn to be the best.

The three questions that will make you a better boss…instantly.

If you’re in a leadership role and this is resonating with you, you can make an immediate impact on people starting right now. But first, a reminder that I want you to take to heart:

We tend to forget the impact we have on the people entrusted under our care. They listen, they watch, they scrutinize our moves and motives. It’s an enormous responsibility with livelihoods at stake.

To make a real difference, we need a constant reminder that will help us take ownership of being the very best leader we can be.

Ryan Estis — a popular speaker, blogger, and management consultant — stresses that leaders should be asking these three questions to help elevate their leadership awareness daily.

1. Who did I impact today?

This is the highest measure of success as a leader. If you’re not impacting anyone (in business or personal life), you’re probably not leading.

2. How will I be remembered by the people I worked with today?

Estis challenges leaders to ask, “who would put you on their list of ‘great leaders’?” In other words, would you make anyone’s list?

3.   What gift am I giving each and every day?

The best leaders are givers. As Bruce did with me, they give of their time, impart wisdom and knowledge, pour into their people, and place their followers’ interests ahead of their own.

This is taking the higher road. If your desire is to place others in the position to be their very best, you are on your way to becoming an exceptional boss. Are you up for the task?

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