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Our Simpsonville location specializes in Manufacturing & Operations, Sales, Food Procurement & more. They serve a national customer base.

Matt Hensley with American Recruiters - Simpsonville, SCAmerican Recruiters – Simpsonville

Matthew Hensley – Franchise Owner & Operator

American Recruiters Manufacturing & Operations Division

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American Recruiters Simpsonville, SC - Grace Hensley

Grace Hensley – Franchise Owner & Operator

American Recruiters Manufacturing & Operations Division

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With almost two decades of Plant Management, Operations & Manufacturing experience, Matthew and Grace Hensley joined American Recruiters as Independent Franchisee and opened the Simpsonville, South Carolina office in 2022.

Matthew, Grace and the Simpsonville, South Carolina team serve every facet of manufacturing industries with Plant Management, Operations Management, Environmental Health and Safety, and Lean Six Sigma professionals. They are both true collaborators and consultants who makes themselves available and uses every tool and contact at their disposal to help their clients to #beBetter.  Contact the Simpsonville office today to get their insights about sourcing talent and learn more about how they can help your team!

About Matthew Hensley, Franchise Owner

Matt Hensley is an award-winning Plant Management, Operations & Manufacturing and Heavy Equipment professional with over 15 years of exceptional leadership and business consulting experience.  He’s an intelligent and trusted industry insider who understands his client’s needs and exactly what it takes to build successful teams in a dynamic, high-pressure industry.

Matt’s true calling is being able to understand his clients’ needs and identify and connect with talent in the manufacturing industries and in turn, connect that talent with client opportunities!  His background in production process management has allowed him recruit and build successful teams from entry-level to general manager level, and the C-Suite. He’s adept at analyzing client processes and procedures which allows him to understand the big picture and better serve his roster of clients. This ability is what separates Matt from others in the recruiting field.

Matt’s talents can help lead your organization into the future through the next phase of lean, six sigma, industry 4.0 and extreme profitability.

He and his amazing wife Grace have 2 wonderful daughters; Bella and Dorothy, and there’s never been a more dedicated Girl-Dad. He’s also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt and an active competitor with the 10-year goal of becoming a BJJ black belt. A self-proclaimed barbecue nerd, he enjoys his pursuit of the perfect brisket along with several outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and fishing.

Recruiting Specialty Areas:

  • Manufacturing & Operations
  • Batch & Process Management
  • Advance Manufacturing
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • 3PL Dispatch
  • Trucking & Rail Logistics

About Grace Hensley, Franchise Owner

Grace began her work experience as an 11-year-old entrepreneur, earning money for college walking dogs for 32 NYC commuter-clients in her small shore town in NJ. At 16, she decided to pursue her passion for food, spending 7 years in the Foodservice Industry. She combined her skills and pursued two degrees in Business Management and Culinary Arts. While her passion for cooking and hospitality persists in her personal life, Grace changed industries to utilize her business degree and start a family.

For the last 10 years, Grace Hensley has been a highly accomplished professional in the death care industry, recognized for her exceptional career trajectory and proven track record of success. With a background in sales and operations management within the Death Care Industry, Grace has demonstrated outstanding analytical skills, leadership, exceptional customer service, and a deep understanding of the unique needs and sensitivities associated with this industry and beyond.

Starting as a Sales Professional, Grace quickly established herself as a standout performer. Her exceptional interpersonal skills, combined with a genuine empathy for clients, allowed her to forge strong relationships and provide compassionate guidance during difficult times and in stressful situations. With an innate ability to listen attentively and understand each client’s specific requirements, she excelled in helping individuals and families make informed decisions.

Recognizing her exceptional abilities, Grace was promoted three times with her company to the role of General Sales Manager, which is a true testament to her exceptional ability to listen to her clients and provide solutions and solid results. She has successful experience in all aspects of business operations, including strategic planning, financial management, hiring and onboarding and team leadership.

The professional skill sets that Grace developed throughout her career across two industries prepared her well when she transitioned to owning a successful recruiting business with her husband. Her exceptional interpersonal skills enable her to build strong relationships with clients, employees, and stakeholders. These skills also make her an effective recruiter, and business consultant as Grace can connect with potential candidates on a personal level, assess their suitability for specific roles, and attract top talent to the organization.

Matt and Grace are proud parents to two wonderful daughters Bella and Dorothy. Grace, being of Italian heritage, has a deep love for food and hospitality. She enjoys cooking delicious meals with her children and creating memories in the kitchen. Their greatest joy in life is spending time with family.

Recruiting Specialty Areas:

  • Sales Management & Sales Professionals
  • Manufacturing & Operations
  • Engineers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Procurement & Supply Chain Management


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