Craig is a well connected, thorough and tireless recruiter who has the best interest of both parties (employer & employee candidate) in mind when seeking a match.

Craig Wilson – Well-Connected, Tireless Recruiter

I have found Craig to be the consummate professional and a strong partner in business dealings. He maintains confidentiality, is a good advisor and a well-rounded person. His relationships in the foodservice industry are very solid and deep and he possesses strong credibility.

Craig Wilson – Consummate Professional

Craig Wilson and I go back many years. While he was running much of Middleby, he engineered the acquisition of the Hussman Foodservice Group leading up to one of the largest, best-run corporations in the industry. Craig is a marketing genius and a true entrepreneur.

Craig Wilson

Craig has an infectious enthusiasm in everything he does. He is smart, creative and sincere. He works hard for his clients and co-workers. Craig is a positive leader no matter how difficult the task and I enjoy working with him.

Craig Wilson – Positive Leader, Smart , Creative and Sincere

Craig has the gifted ability to understand specifically what a given situation is, who the players are, and how to maximize resources to accomplish the objectives of everyone involved. He has a high level of integrity and a focused, yet easy-going professional approach that gets results.

Craig Wilson – Gifted Ability to Understand Any Situation

“I have known Craig Wilson for some 10 years now. Craig was instrumental in helping me assemble a top team in a start-up venture I was involved in the late nineties. Since then he has been a great resource on industry issues and needs. During my exposure to Craig, I have found him to be smart, energetic, creative, and terrific with people. I would recommend using his services.”

Craig Wilson – Great Resource

I have always avoided recruiter’s phone calls, emails and connection requests on social media until I met Frank Carieri at American Recruiters. I have to say, it has been a pleasure working with Frank over the past few months and I would recommend his assistance to anyone. He was dedicated to making sure that this opportunity was the right fit for me and that I had every bit of relevant information prior to making my decision. I appreciated his assistance, advice and efficiency in helping me with this opportunity to enhance my career. He is by far the most responsive and proactive individual I have had the pleasure of working with.  Thanks for your help, Frank!

Alecia B, Billing Manager

I Avoided Recruiter Calls Until I Met Frank at American Recruiters

Ina, at American Recruiters was very knowledgeable about the position she was recruiting me for; she communicated all of the information effectively between the company and myself, which made the transition very smooth and comfortable for both sides.

The opportunity she connected me with is unique, as one doesn’t come across independently-owned Senior Living facilities in this area. I’m looking forward to the growth and building of relationships with this company. Thank you, Ina.
-Cathy C., Job Seeker

Ina connected me with a unique opportunity

Ina was amazing from day one!

She guided me through every step of the hiring process. She assisted me with my resume, prepped me for my interviews and kept me informed on next steps. Ina was always available to address my questions and concerns.

Ultimately we developed a great professional relationship and I landed the job I was seeking.

Thank you so much Ina for your professionalism, patience and being my teammate!

-Virginia S., Healthcare Industry Job Seeker

Thank you Ina Phillip for being my teammate!

Ina is a consummate professional and was a true pleasure to work with.

We were looking to fill a role in a rural market and struggled to find the right candidate. Other recruitment firms were also struggling as well, so our prospects looked bleak until Ina stepped in.

She was able to quickly find me the right individual and made my life a whole lot easier. I would consider Ina’s services again in the future.

-S. Shah, Healthcare Industry Employer

Ina Phillip was able to quickly find us the right individual.