Foodservice & Industrial Testimonials

Craig Wilson is one of the best recruiters I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is diligent and professional in his approach to the task and is a great and valued resource. I’ve worked with Craig while at Scotsman and APWWyott.

Craig Wilson – One of the Best!

When NAFEM went global there was Craig Wilson willing to lead the charge as International Chairman and board of director. The biggest and best networking party was held in the super dome in NOLA, (1993). No other repetition of this event has matched that success.

Craig Wilson – Leading the Charge

Craig Wilson is very knowledgable about the Food Service Market, its people and companies. Craig is very personable, trustworthy and professional. He is an excellent communicator and always willing to help. He is passionate about food service and bringing people together, forming a Linkedin user group and encouraging excellent dialogue among other professionals in the industry.

Craig Wilson – Passionate and Trustworthy Professional

Craig is a well connected, thorough and tireless recruiter who has the best interest of both parties (employer & employee candidate) in mind when seeking a match.

Craig Wilson – Well-Connected, Tireless Recruiter

I have found Craig to be the consummate professional and a strong partner in business dealings. He maintains confidentiality, is a good advisor and a well-rounded person. His relationships in the foodservice industry are very solid and deep and he possesses strong credibility.

Craig Wilson – Consummate Professional

Craig Wilson and I go back many years. While he was running much of Middleby, he engineered the acquisition of the Hussman Foodservice Group leading up to one of the largest, best-run corporations in the industry. Craig is a marketing genius and a true entrepreneur.

Craig Wilson

Craig has an infectious enthusiasm in everything he does. He is smart, creative and sincere. He works hard for his clients and co-workers. Craig is a positive leader no matter how difficult the task and I enjoy working with him.

Craig Wilson – Positive Leader, Smart , Creative and Sincere

Craig has the gifted ability to understand specifically what a given situation is, who the players are, and how to maximize resources to accomplish the objectives of everyone involved. He has a high level of integrity and a focused, yet easy-going professional approach that gets results.

Craig Wilson – Gifted Ability to Understand Any Situation

“I have known Craig Wilson for some 10 years now. Craig was instrumental in helping me assemble a top team in a start-up venture I was involved in the late nineties. Since then he has been a great resource on industry issues and needs. During my exposure to Craig, I have found him to be smart, energetic, creative, and terrific with people. I would recommend using his services.”

Craig Wilson – Great Resource

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Paul Rychlewski of American Recruiters. Throughout the duration of my career search Paul stood by my side in finding the perfect match to apply my experience and field of expertise. From the initial presentation to the final interview process American Recruiters made sure that I was fully prepared. I couldn’t be happier with my move.

Huge Thank You to Paul at American Recruiters