The decision to become an American Recruiters Franchise Partner was easily the best of my professional career. I had already been in the recruiting industry for 17 years, most of which were spent in a large office environment. When I finally made the decision to go into business on my own, the American Recruiters team offered me enormous support and training, and the technology and infrastructure found in a large office environment. These critical systems and corporate infrastructure, that were available on Day 1, would have been impossible for me to replicate on my own. In addition, the American Recruiters, “team” approach to successful business, affords me the opportunity to interact, work and consult with other franchisees and members of the AR family on a daily basis. I am in business for myself, but “I’m never alone”. It’s been the key to the success of my business.

Jessie Cerminaro, Franchisee

I joined American Recruiters in 1999 and started my recruitment career in the pharmacy recruitment division. I grew quickly within the busy company and became the Pharmacy division manager. In 2007 I had the opportunity to open my own franchise and Gino Scialdone, the corporate president, was extremely helpful in the process and made the transition an easy one. Every day since then, Gino and a number of others at the corporate office have always been there to assist me or guide me when needed. Their dedication to my success was more than I could have asked for. The interaction with the corporate office and the other franchise owners, truly makes me feel like I’ve joined a family organization that cares about each other and, the success of each one of us.
Gino and the whole corporate team are dedicated to staying on top of trends and technology to make sure we all have the opportunity and tools to beBetter! Their support and guidance, confirms for me every day, that I couldn’t have joined a more professional or committed organization. I would recommend American Recruiters to anyone looking to open a franchise in the recruitment industry. Give Gino a call.

Frank Carieri, Franchisee

I was president and CEO of a US subsidiary of a German company. The company closed, and I had a one-year severance. I looked high and low to try to buy a business, and found a recruiter whom I had worked with at American Recruiters, Carl Carieri. I was determined NOT to work for anyone ever again. Carl asked if I would like to consult with American Recruiters because he and his business partner, Gino Scialdone, were planning to franchise their business. I flew down to meet them and found the business was vibrant, and franchising could be a great opportunity for them to leverage their in-house services. I literally helped them put together a strategy for franchising. At the conclusion of my project, Carl asked me if I was interested in being the first American Recruiters franchisee. He and Gino suggested that I should ask the market what it thought. The following month I attended a major tradeshow and asked several companies if they would need my services to find them talent. Likewise, several individuals asked me to help them find new opportunities. Truly, I walked out of the tradeshow with dozens of searches AND candidates. I signed up with American Recruiters and never looked back. I own my business, and no customer comprises more than 5% of my business. Gino Scialdone and I have been close friends ever since, and his support for my company is phenomenal. No one ever goes to college thinking that they will someday be a recruiter. Yet, for the right individual, it is an amazing opportunity to own your own company, make great income, and make a difference in hundreds of people’s lives—both candidates and clients.

Craig Wilson, Franchisee

If you have a desire to be better, an American Recruiters Franchise is a good option.

Having joined American Recruiters as the 2nd Franchise office in November of 1999, I have experienced many twists and turns in the recruitment industry. The one thing that has remained steady is my relationship with American Recruiters.

American Recruiters and the possibility of a franchise was initially recommended to me by a business colleague. Respecting her referral, I decided to check in to the opportunity. I spoke with Gino Scialdone and was invited to spend time with the team at the corporate offices to observe and see if the potential was there for the right fit. I was immediately impressed by the culture built around working together as a cohesive team. Transparency, collaboration and teamwork are very important to me; and although I had not recruited before, I felt that my sales background, people skills and business acumen would be a good match. I made the decision to join the American Recruiters team and have not looked back.

American Recruiters has continued to successfully evolve in this ever changing industry by staying ahead of the curve. We continue to invest in technology, and remain focused on branding our customer satisfaction centered services with a specialization in Nurse Leadership. #beBetter

Ina Phillip, Franchisee

By becoming an American Recruiters franchise owner I was able to vastly increase my recruiting business by expanding my client and candidate database, as well as become a part of a team of highly skilled and experienced recruiters that are currently at the top of their field. Working together with these skilled and highly motivated recruiters opens many new doors and provides a wealth of business opportunities, not only to me but to the other franchisees as well.

Being an American Recruiters franchise owner has allowed me to grow my recruiting business and take it to the next level. Gino Scialdone, the driving force behind American Recruiters, brings a wealth of business knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and recruiting resources, and is dedicated to each franchisee’s success! -Juli Van Der Meulen, Franchise Owner

Juli Van Der Meulen, Margate, FL Franchisee