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Resignation Letter Sample

A Formal or Corporate Environment Letter of Resignation Sample

If your workplace is a more formal, corporate environment, your letter of resignation may need to reflect a similar tone and nature.  Many large companies that implement ’employee contracts’ require a minimum notice and formal letter of resignation in the contractual agreement.  We’ve included a resignation letter sample that can be used in this type of situation.

When resigning from a Corporate-type of position, one is expected to send a formal letter of resignation as well as to inform your manager in person. A letter provides official notice that you are leaving your job, and clearly notes your last date of employment. It also serves as evidence in your HR file that you have complied with your employer’s notice requirement (many companies require on their hiring contracts that employees provide at least two weeks formal notice of their intent to resign from their position).


  • Be sure to understand all the terms of any employment contracts you’ve signed as well as any subsequent non-compete clauses or other terms that might be enforced upon your resignation or affect your future employment.
  • Make every effort possible to NOT discuss your plans with any co-workers prior to advising your supervisor, to avoid a situation where your supervisor hears the news from someone else in the workplace.
  • Have your resignation letter formatted properly, fully completed and signed, and bring it with you when you meet your supervisor.
  • Ask to speak to your supervisor privately, so that you can advise them verbally of your intentions and personally deliver your letter. You may wish to have the conversation first and then follow up with the official letter.
  • Keep the tone of your letter and conversation positive and respectful and be sure to advise them of your last day of work and of your intentions to continue to work hard until your very last minute on the job.
  • You should be proactive in doing everything you can to leave the best possible impression on your employer.

Formal / Corporate Environment Letter of Resignation Sample:

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Christen Bartlett
Chairperson, Board of Directors – The Harvest Project

1124 Sideview Trail
Santa Monica, CA 90411


Dear Ms. Bartlett:


I am writing to notify The Harvest Project of my intent to resign as President of Community Affairs. In accordance with the terms of my employment contract, I am providing a full sixty (60) days notice.  My last day will be on April 30, 2019.  I have enclosed my signed Non-Compete Agreement and will abide by its terms and conditions, which include, but are not limited to, working on or attempting to solicit any client I have had contact with during my time with The Harvest Project for a period of two years from the effective date of my resignation, as well as attempting to solicit employees to work with me at any competing firm for a period of two years from the effective date of my resignation. 


It has been a pleasure working with the Board of Directors and the entire Harvest team and I wish everyone here continued success. Thank you for the opportunity to work for this organization.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this transition as smooth as possible.



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