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Our Johnsonville, SC location specializes in Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Logistics and serves a national customer base.

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Sandy Poston – Franchise Owner & Operator

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With over two decades of Manufacturing experience, Sandy Poston joined American Recruiters as Independent Franchisee and opened the Johnsonville, South Carolina office in 2022.

She and her team specialize in the placement of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management professionals in all types of environments. She creates a culture of collaboration with her clients based on her unique experience and success in the industry. She provides a unique and unmatched insight that is highly sought after by clients across the country. Contact Sandy today to learn more about her expertise can help your team to secure #better talent!

About Sandy Poston, Franchise Owner

Sandy has a stellar track record in the world of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management and has put together an impressive list of achievements that consistently propelled her career to new heights and led her to serve in key roles with world-class organizations such as Honda Motor Company, Ltd., RBC Bearings, Inc., and ABB’s Electrification Business.  

During an almost 20-year career in the manufacturing industry, Sandy’s success started on the production floor, and her escalation up the ladder into leadership is highlighted by several notable accomplishments in the areas of Cost & Innovation, Employee Development, Quality, and Safety. Demonstrating her business acumen and leadership, she was critical in leveraging new technology with key suppliers resulting in sustained market share against the threat of overseas competition. She implemented a team-based employee development program, resulting in 78% voluntary participation and $1.2 MIL in hard savings, in the first year. Adding to that, she led one team whose project won at each level earning them a seat at the organization’s highly honored global competition. Sandy was instrumental in projects that lead to the achievement of OSHA’s SHARP award for her employer, which singles out organizations that model best practices for worksite safety and health and has also led the integration of roles, teams, systems, and other resources through acquisition and several transfers of work. 

Sandy is clearly an expert in her field and she knows exactly what it takes to succeed in this challenging environment.  Her wide array of experience in the world of manufacturing and supply chain management will accelerate the process of sourcing to securing, the top-tiered talent with high-level skills, drive, and abilities, you need to take your team, department, and the entire organization to the next level, and ahead of your competition. 

Sandy’s decision to step out of the manager/leader role in supply chain and manufacturing, and into a new role as a recruiter and business owner of an American Recruiters franchise in South Carolina, is based on devotion to her family. The last 11 years of her career focused on Supply Chain Management which is also where her franchise specializes. The challenges that have come with navigating the ups and downs of the economy, labor market, the consequences of a worldwide pandemic, major technological advances, and our rising digital and virtual workforce have been great. With many manufacturers still trying to recover, regroup, and even reinvent themselves, Sandy is confident she can truly help these organizations. That belief, and a strong desire to build her legacy, made it easy to make the transition. 

“Today’s job market is unique, and talented individuals are more selective about their employers than ever.  Organizations must be prepared to market their perks and advantages to ensure the employees they want, have already listed them as a top choice.” 

“Recently, I have experienced first-hand the reality of what organizations are getting for their money when it comes to using external recruiters. There is a profound lack of knowledge in broad terms of basic manufacturing, and that gap is even more evident within a specific function such as supply chain.  Organizations need specialized recruiters who understand the required skills, levels of competency, and what defines the right candidate for its values and culture.” 

Sandy has always been driven by the goal that her example of determination and hard work would provide her three children with the connection between earning a name and reputation people can trust, and the importance of putting in the effort to achieve the things that you want. Bringing this work ethic into her family’s fold as an independent business owner allows her to mentor these values closer to home in hopes that one or all of her children can find the same fulfillment and help exponentially grow the business.

Position Focus:

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Department & Regional Directors
  • Department, Divisional & Line Managers
  • Administrators & Coordinators
  • International & Global positions
  • Controllers, Supervisors, Technicians and other staff positions.


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