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Things are quickly shifting in the business world, especially for companies that don’t truly appreciate the efforts of their employees. Workers are no longer just standing by when they feel mistreated. Instead, many are quitting in hopes of finding something new or staying at work but “quietly quitting” and doing the minimum to get paid.

The fact is that employees these days want a company that appreciates them, and you can show that you do through your positive company culture, which you can advertise through your recruiting and retention strategies. Let’s look into the importance of your culture and how to show your staff that you only want what’s best for their well-being.

Why Company Culture Matters

Recent surveys show that while employees are happy to get a good paycheck, their top priority is finding a company with exceptional company culture. They want to work where they’re applauded for their positive behaviors, they’re given a chance to go up the corporate ladder, and they can have a schedule that fits their needs.

While company culture was always a talking point, it reached a fever pitch after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees realized there’s more to life than working for an uncaring company. Now, they want to wake up every day and go into a work environment where they can feel like they’re part of a team without being worked to the bone.

So, in addition to having a company culture that creates a unified vision, the culture must also prioritize physical and mental wellness. Then, to draw in the best candidates, management and HR must advertise their positive culture during the recruitment efforts and tell the most highly qualified candidates why they should work for their organization.

A good culture will not only draw in qualified candidates but will also help your corporate reputation, which is essential these days when anyone can post reviews on the internet. Some websites like Glassdoor are dedicated to allowing current and past employees to review their employers, which can also be a good recruitment tool. Let’s discuss the benefits and programs you can insert into your culture to draw in the best and brightest.

Focus on Physical Health

Since a global pandemic has made most people more concerned about their health these days, show that you value their safety with your culture. That starts with having a proper work-life balance around the office and prioritizing self-care. Management should encourage their teams to practice positive self-care habits. Some examples include:

  • Providing the team with filtered water so they can stay hydrated.
  • Offering healthy food in the cafeteria to promote a healthy diet.
  • Allowing the team to leave on time so they can rest and get the sleep they need.

Physical fitness is also important, especially when employees typically sit at desks for so long during the day. They need excuses to get up and get active. Start by ensuring that everyone is allowed breaks and lunches each day and that they get a chance to get up and stretch without being penalized.

If it fits within the budget, consider adding a gym to the building where employees can work out and blow off some steam. At a minimum, see what you can do about providing the team with vouchers or coupons for a local gym or yoga studio so they can improve their wellness outside of work.

Really, physical fitness is all part of preventative care, and that’s another essential aspect that needs to fit into your company culture. Preventative care can help employees avoid medical issues and eliminate existing problems before they become too serious so your team maintains the confidence to keep working and living their lives.

Look into implementing free physical health screenings at the office or at a healthcare facility where employees can be screened for cancer and receive colonoscopies while also getting up-to-date vaccinations and tips for weight management. Employees should also get checked for dental and eye health issues. Your teams will appreciate that their company cares about their well-being, and many will show it through their work.

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When recruiting and interviewing, it’s also important to prove that mental health is another building block of your company culture. If this isn’t a current priority, then it needs to be, and it starts with open communication.

Employees need to know that they can approach management and express when they are feeling burned out or having other negative feelings. They should know that their boss will try to help. Managers should also take the initiative to reach out to each employee individually to ask how they’re doing, if they’re okay with their work, and the steps necessary to make their day-to-day just a bit easier to handle. An employee should never feel embarrassed to talk about their mental health.

Another way your workplace may break away from the 9-to-5 mold is to allow employees who ask for a more flexible schedule to take care of life outside the office. When a worker reaches out and asks to start later in the day so they can get their kids ready for school, or they ask for a mental health day after a traumatic experience, then allow them to do so. If it becomes known that your workplace takes your employee’s feelings and well-being into consideration at all times, then many qualified candidates will come running in an effort to join your organization.

It’s official. In 2023, your culture is the key to finding the best candidates, and a spotlight on employee wellness is essential. At American Recruiters, we strive to #beBetter, and your company should do the same. The tips discussed here are a great starting point.

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