American Recruiters Contract Staffing ServicesIn the post-COVID era, it has become increasingly hard to fill staff vacancies. Some workers have retired early, some have left the workforce, some have taken the opportunity to change career paths, and others have spread across the

 globe. This has left owners and managers scrambling to fill empty job slots while also trying to focus on getting businesses back on their feet.

One clear answer as to handling the pressures of hiring while rebuilding has been to use contract staffing. In fact, even before COVID, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated a steady rise in the use of contract staffing over the last decade, with 2020 showing nearly 3,000,000 employment spots filled by such services.

Today’s Healthcare industry is a particularly robust market for contract staffing services.

But what is contract staffing?

Contract staffing is the use of a third party firm to provide employees for a company on a part-time or full-time hourly basis, for fixed-term, project-based or interim hires, or, in some cases, for zero-hour contracts, which are essentially retainers for work on an “as needed” basis. In today’s landscape, contract staffing is also used for executive-level positions or to evaluate personnel before offering them a permanent position (temp-to-perm).

There are a number of options and advantages to businesses in using such services:

  • Quick Hiring: Staffing agencies have pools of potential employees that can start work immediately thus saving you valuable time in getting projects started.
  • Access to Large Talent Pools: Staffing agencies have prevetted lots of candidates with the skills you need, which saves you the frustrations of searching for those desirable candidates. Agencies also often have much further reach giving you options from around the country, which can be ideal if you are trying to hire for multiple locations (particularly in areas you are less familiar with).
  • Reduced Costs: Because agencies have already done much of the legwork of the hiring process, you save money in the HR time required for searches. More importantly, staffing agencies often take on the the costs of benefits, workers compensation, and other liabilities that cost your business overhead.
  • Skilled Staffing: Contract staffing firms keep rosters of candidates with specific skill sets and can quickly link you to a list of people that suit the specific needs of your position.
  • Meet Short-term Needs: If your business is often project-based, staffing agencies can supply workers short-term that will save you the costs of onboarding and training long-term employees. This also prevents laying off employees when funding tied to specific projects ends.
  • Placing Attention Where It’s Needed: Having an agency provide you with the roster of candidates you need, frees you from the HR process and allows you to focus on running your business and giving your full-time employees the attention they need.
  • Flexibility: Business needs are constantly shifting, and a staffing agency allows you the flexibility to meet changing demands as they happen without keeping unnecessary positions staffed for what might be needed.

Ivan Young is a writer in partnership with Ximplifi vacation rental accounting service.

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