“At Freshii, our mission is to make healthy eating, working, convenient and affordable to really the citizens of the world,” said Adam Corrin, chief operating officer of the fast-casual restaurant chain. Being in 13 countries, Freshii is certainly trying to make its mission happen quickly. The 384-unit franchised business is once again growing and ready to take control of the healthy fast-food market. “I think there’s this idea of health and wellness being a trend. It’s certainly not a trend. It’s here to stay,” said Corrin.

That can be demonstrated by this simple fact: The company just signed its largest franchise deal ever, for 20 units in Houston and Austin, in November 2021, to be developed over the next six years.

“We’re certainly getting back on the offense, and we see a lot of opportunities, certainly not only in 2022, but … beyond,” Corrin said.

Franchisees don’t need to have any restaurant experience to join the Freshii team.

“We’re very open to talking to anyone because ultimately, we recognize that there [are] 100 little things that need to go right in the restaurant every single day. But that those things can be taught and really that’s the way that Freshii was founded,” he said.

“We’re looking for people who are passionate — passionate about health and wellness and really passionate about, you know, growing and building a team and continuing to reward respective team members within their own locations and hopefully growing from one [unit] to two to three to four.”

Currently, more than 50% of the chain’s new openings are coming from existing franchise partners in the system.

“I think that’s what’s been so interesting about our brand — a lot of people say, ‘we learned about you on our travels, or we were visiting —’ fill-in-the-blank market. It could be Columbia, [S.C.], it could be Toronto, Chicago, ‘we stumbled across Freshii and we fell in love with the food, we fell in love with the product and fell in love with the experience we had and we had to learn more,’” he said.

What is so interesting about the brand? Corrin said people fall in love with the offerings.

The menu consists of everything under the sun. It ranges from bowls to burritos to breakfast, making it a one-stop shop for groups, which is what Corrin said was the goal when the menu was designed.

“What’s unique about our offering is that really is customizable. A guest could come in, really curate whether it’s their dietary restrictions, their flavor profile, and be able to enjoy something within a restaurant as opposed to feeling the need to go and seek out something else,” he said.

It’s meant to appeal to anyone and everyone at the same time while maintaining its healthier ethos.

There’s a chocolate peanut butter smoothie or a steak egg and cheese burrito or a Greek yogurt parfait for breakfast. A kale Caesar salad or a Tex-Mex bowl or a Mediterranean burrito for lunch. Frozen yogurt for a side.

Bowls are $10.29; salads are $10.49; wraps and burritos are $8.79; soups are $6.99 and smoothies range from $5.99 to $7.99.  – Source: NRN.

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