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As a candidate seeking a job, the path to gainful employment is clear. Look for open positions that fit your skills and abilities and then apply for a job.

For a recruiter, though, the task of finding the right person for a position can be a bit more difficult. They must find individuals with the right blend of required talents, skills, and experiences who will also remain invested in your organization over the long haul can be a challenge.

If you’re a recruiter hoping to attract candidates from the up-and-coming Generation Z, in particular, here are a few tips to ensure that your hiring activities are effective.

Cash is Still KingAmerican Recruiters

If you’re expecting the first thing to lure a Gen Z candidate to be something deep or cutting-edge, like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives or the ability to work from home, think again. A recent survey conducted by Zenefits found that the number one thing Generation Z is looking for in their employment is cold, hard cash.

Classic, predictable cash has always been a cornerstone of employment. The enormous loads of debt and the cost of living that the newer generations are facing appear to be fueling a desire to rake in some money as quickly as possible.

So, as you plan out progressive office spaces and create on-site beer fridges and custom coffee stations, remember to also keep that salary at a respectable level if you want your staff to tap into the youthful energy of Generation Z.

Provide the Right Perks

Right in line with salary, Gen Z is also deeply interested in the perks that each job entails. When tailoring your perks to Generation Z, there are a few that take center stage:

  • Healthcare: We’re not just talking about offering a half-covered, skimpy package that lacks dental and vision and comes with a huge deductible. A single visit to the dentist can cost over $400. If you want Gen Z working for you, provide health insurance that is high-quality and comprehensive.
  • PTO: If an employee needs time off, they don’t want to be penalized for it. Good PTO is essential.
  • Flexibility: The 9-to-5 grind is very nearly a thing of the past. Flexibility is the future.
  • Student loan debt assistance: In line with cash, providing financial aid for burdensome student loans is a huge perk that will definitely attract attention.

Pulling together a good benefits package is a critical piece of the puzzle if you want quality Gen Z employees flocking to your company.

Location, Growth, and Values

Interestingly, the location of a job is also high on the list of Gen Z priorities. If you’re in an area that is attractive to younger workers or where it’s easy for younger employees to live well on a restricted budget, point that out in your job advertisements.

Along with location, the ability to thrive, develop, and grow in their career is yet another priority for Generation Z. Finding a workplace that embraces a growth mindset and an attitude towards continual learning is key.

While not necessarily the first priority, a company’s core values do make the top five on the list as well. Values like transparency and authenticity should be both adopted and communicated to potential employees. If you want to retain Gen Z talent, clearly apply these values in the workspace itself, as well, through things like open communication and clearly defined benefits and perks.

American Recruiters Happy EmployersFactor in Natural Proclivities

Along with Gen Z’s top stated requirements, leaders need to prioritize the team’s experience while on the job, too. When it comes to Gen Z, in particular, this can be done by studying how Gen Zers operate and discovering their shared interests so that they can be emphasized in the workplace.

For example, Gen Z is the first generation of digital natives and a group known for their entrepreneurial spirit. They also value things like community and diversity. By remaining aware of this and striving to imbue your workplace with similar values, you can help to foster a work environment that is attractive, regardless of the specifics of each contract. This, in time, can help you become an employer of choice, a distinction that can naturally attract and retain quality talent from the younger generation.

Attracting Generation Z

At the end of the day, the process of recruiting Generation Z candidates into your workforce is much like it’s always been. Good pay and quality benefits are crucial starting points.

From there, though, it’s important to be aware of other factors — such as location, opportunities for growth, and core company values — that Gen Zers tend to prioritize. Fortunately, many of these were also shared by millennials, and they shouldn’t be completely foreign concepts to modern recruiters.

Finally, the natural proclivities of the youngest generation of the workforce must still be kept in mind, too. Things like entrepreneurship and being digital natives should be kept well in mind as recruiters pull together benefit packages, create job ads, and sort through candidates in search of top Gen Z talent for their organization.

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