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Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.


Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges: Tips for Recruiters and Job Seekers to Hire and Get Hired

With new self-isolating and social distancing norms because of the global coronavirus pandemic, recruiters are concerned about how to recruit employees, especially the ones who are recruiting during fluctuating industry requirements. On the other hand, millions of Americans have been laid off who are now searching for employment opportunities desperately without taking time to improve their strategy.

Though desperate times call for desperate measures, desperation may not be the answer right now. These testing times call for patience and a clear action plan. Both recruiters and job seekers will have to go over their strategies. And to make it slightly easier, I am sharing a few tips that would help them improvise.


Hiring Tips for Recruiters

  1. Learn New Technology to Improve Recruitment Efforts

In the uncertain times of COVID-19, the one certain thing is the benefit of using technology. Therefore, as a recruiter, you must adapt to new technology that would help keep track of and streamline the recruitment process. Here are some examples:

  • Programmatic job advertising for placing ads correctly
  • Augmented writing to improve conversion rates
  • Applications for on-demand jobs
  • Job aggregators to build a talent pipeline, etc.


  1. Shift Focus to Hiring Employees Remotely

Due to the overwhelming amount of changes, remote working has become critical. So, you must hire  emplouees remotely too. For this, you will have to:

  • Let candidates know that you’re hiring so that the ideal ones can reach out.
  • Refresh your job postings online in accordance with the change in thework scenario, for example, new salaries.
  • Make arrangements to attract, screen, hire, train, develop new work routines – all remotely


  1. Hire for Flexible Roles

Flexile roles are the need of the hour. So, communicate your expectations clearly while hiring. For example, instead of hiring a professional specifically for a managerial role, see if you can hire someone who also has the domain knowledge. This way, they can take up managerial tasks as the requirements present themselves. It will be a huge step for companies to save costs.


  1. Leverage Recruitment Software and ATS

American Recruiters Executive Staffing

Because of the frequently changing roles and demands, you will need to improve applicant tracking process. You will also need to build a solid talent pipeline and stay connected with professionals so that you can recruit immediately as per the needs. And the best way to hire employees quickly and efficiently is to leverage automated recruitment tracker software and improve your application tracking efforts. Also, make sure to leverage technology for spontaneous and efficient communication.


  1. Prepare for the Next Phase

As soon as this is over, various industries, such as hospitality and travel, willbounce back, and a surge in recruitment will be seen. So, analyze what the second wave is going to be like for your organization. Prepare for re-opening, hiring at scale, and bringing professionals back in.


Re-launching Tips for Job Seekers


  1. Upskill with Online Courses and volunteer Project

Instead of sending hundreds of resumes mindlessly, work on your profile. Research what recruiters are looking for and register in online courses and volunteer for projects that will help you improve your profile. Due to a dramatic surge in competition for job roles, you must do everything to make yourself stand out.

  1. Get a Professional Resume Created –

Your resume is your first form of contact with your potential employer, and it can make or break your image. Hence, it should emphasize your core competencies and achievements to help you stand out. To be sure that you’re putting your best foot forward, you can opt for professional resume writing services since resume experts know exactly what the recruiters in your industry are looking for.

  1. Apply in Companies that are Likely to Benefit from this Downtime

Research companies that are thriving during this pandemic, for example, healthcare companies, digital marketing organizations, online coaching firms, etc. and apply for roles strategically. A research-driven approach will certainly bear better results.


  1. Apply for Remote and Contract-Based Roles

Many organizations are hiring but not for full-time jobs. So, see if you can find flexible roles. Freelance work and contract-based opportunities are taking center stage. Therefore, you may need to jump on the bandwagon without thinking about the money. Less pay is always better than a career break.


  1. Expand Your Contact Pool

Referrals have become important now more than ever. So, expand your network and stay connected with people who are employed at a stable organization. Connect with people you have known and reach out to the ones that you can seek help from. Check on them during these unprecedented times, let them know the courses you are pursuing, and send out your update profile. Build interpersonal relationships that can help you professionally.


Think and think again before you set out to hire or apply for jobs. Invest time in creating an action plan so that you can get the results you’re expecting.

Author Bio:

Kelly Barcelos is a content marketing manager for Jobsoid, a recruitment software and specializes in HR. When Kelly is not building marketing campaigns, she is busy creating content to help people hire better. She shares tips, industry insights, innovations and several other topics that helps a wide variety of audience in their hiring efforts. As a working mom of three, she knows the importance of time management and counts on her multitasking ability to get her through her to-do lists.

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