By Alyse Kalish/Heidi Ravis/Joan – theMuse

I don’t think it’s ever too soon to apply to jobs! This way you can start to get your foot in the door and figure out what you do and don’t want in a role. Plus, the job search process can take a long time, so you may submit an application now that won’t get in front of a hiring manager until a couple months from now.

That said, you want to be upfront that you can’t start until October. The first thing is to find jobs that seem to have flexible start dates (or don’t have a specific start date)—chances are they might be more open to having someone start later. Then, if you make it to the interview round, they will most likely ask when you can start—this is where you can be honest about your schedule.

It’s possible this will hold you back from the role—however, if a hiring manager really wants you and isn’t in a rush to fill the role, they will make the effort to keep you by extending the start date.

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I agree with everything Alyse said – it’s never to early to start. I would also add that networking is something you can do now that may help you find a job within your time frame. LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you build your network and help you research companies and industries of interest. The Muse website has a number of excellent articles on networking via LinkedIn as well as in-person networking. Effective networking can help you find out about opportunities before they are posted and, hopefully, get your resume in front of the hiring manager early in the process.

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Working with a recruiter is only one aspect of the story of your career transition. A recruiter adds dimension and yes you should reach out and see with whom you wish to work (you interview them to see if they have access to target companies and “feel” like a good fit) is a fantastic tool and should powerfully reflect your brand and value add, but working in a silo; sitting behind a computer and communicating with the world through that filter alone is not fun for those of us whom are extroverts and need live human interaction.

We need to run our careers like a business and stay visible However, in today’s market we need to run our careers like a business. One of part of this story is to stay visible in community’s where we wish to work by joining groups, and doing volunteer work. The rule of thumb is to only choose groups and organizations that light us up.

Express yourself by being a part of the larger world. Ask friends where they go, look on line for resources that sound interesting and fun. Spend 99% of your time doing things that you enjoy and radiate who you are and where you want to be.
Keep your energy and enthusiasm high by staying engaged with the world in ways that best reflect your power, strength, capabilities and interests and you will find more fun, more joy, more opportunities available while you’re exploring what’s next in your career evolution.

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