Are you ready for a taste of tomorrow? That’s what we’re serving up at our Restaurant Innovation Summit in Austin, Texas. From Oct. 25 to 27, our Summit will bring industry leaders together to talk about technology and how it is changing the way we do business. Operators, futurists and innovators will share strategies on how to work with tech, not against it. Here are a few of the highlights you’ll experience at this year’s Summit: Cashless America. Is “tap-and-go” the way of the future? Acceptance of contactless payment has taken a bit slower than anticipated, but consumers and merchants are coming around to the idea that going cashless could be beneficial for both of them.  American Express’ JJ Kieley and Union Square Hospitality Group’s Maureen Cushing will talk about creating a customer-first journey from discovery to payment. Hear how they used real customer-behavior data to inform their decisions and implement their companies’ cashless models. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. AI is moving from super-science fiction to super practical application. How will machines take operational efficiency to the next level? Learn from several companies, inside and outside the restaurant industry, about how they’re navigating this technology and, more importantly, where it’s headed. Ariele Rosch, creative strategist for Facebook, will explain how this technology will affect your business going forward. Actionable Analytics. Are you looking for patterns and trends relating to your customers’ purchasing habits and behaviors? Big data is no longer a buzz term, but a way to apply information to your long-term business decisions. Panelists Rob Siegel, CEO of HeadsUp Weather, James Park, CEO of Garbanzo, Brian Best, head of interactive engagement for PF Chang’s China Bistro, and Prem Kiran, chief strategy and innovation officer for Fishbowl Inc., will explain how operators are using actionable analytics around marketing, inventory, staffing, and traffic growth, among other things. – Source: The National Restaurant Association.

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