by Oleg Vishnepolsky – LinkedIn

“They tried to bury us.
They did not know
we were seeds.”

Brian Acton had a lapse in employment. Nobody wanted to hire him. He then started a company called WhatsApp and sold it to one of the companies that rejected him. The price was astounding 19 billion dollars.

On a much smaller scale, early in my career, I was rejected because I did not have enough experience in IBM PC development. I had 6 months experience, IBM PC was on the market for 1 year at that point.

I then wrote a spreadsheet program S2 for IBM PC which was used throughout IBM, including the group that rejected me.

An acceptance makes us happy, a rejection makes us stronger.

If they do not see value in you, it is their loss. Your time will come.

Here is why.

9 Sure you signs you will be successful:

1. You love to learn new things

2. You love to help others

3. You like to complete your tasks completely and make sure they are completed 🙂

4. You like to ask questions

5. You like to take responsibility

6. You are loyal to your team . Loyalty is the best currency

7. You see your own failures and failures of others as learning experiences

8. You work hard AND value hard work of others

9. You are not chasing success but providing value

How accurately these describe you ?

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