2 Responses to “Demand For Medical Technologists”

  1. Kevin Pruitt

    Dear American,
    I am an MT with a Florida State License and ASCP. I haven’t worked in the lab since 2002. This gap on in my application makes me a difficult hire. I need to resurrect my career by finding any job I can, wherever I can.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    • Tre Scialdone

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the note. You’ll certainly want to start by ensuring that your certifications and licensures are up to date. In addition, we work with a professional resume service, who can help with ways to explain the absence from the workforce on your resume. Here’s the link to our resume service: https://www.americanrecruiters.com/hk-resume-svcs/

      Lastly, you can always contact one of our recruiters to inquire about the best way for you to proceed. Lilliana Del Real has placed numerous Medical Technologists and may be able to provide some advice about your situation. Here’s the link to Lilli’s contact information: https://www.americanrecruiters.com/lilliana-del-real/

      Best of luck to you!!

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