I think first of all we need to define clarity and what it really means. This is not some existential reference for clearing the cobwebs in your head.

Clarity is determining exactly what results you want to achieve in your life or business, and then how exactly you intend to reach those goals.

I think everyone can relate to the idea of clarity but it is too often neglected in our lives thanks to the clutter of every day life. So what are the keys to gaining clarity?

Twenty years ago I was faced with divorce, forced to raise my children with no financial support from their father, and the result was depression and uncertainty in my future. I decided that instead of sitting around and feeling miserable, I would try to help myself. I started attending motivational seminars led by the best in the industry, but it was one seminar that really stuck out for me. The theme was “get rid of the old to make room for the new.” That night I immediately went home and threw away all the clothes in my closet (for me that was the clutter my life). Obviously nothing miraculous happened in that moment, but soon after, something amazing happened—I was promoted at my job! It was that simple, yet significant act that initiated a major change of direction in my life.

When we are born, our conscious and subconscious minds begin on a clean slate. As we grow and are exposed to society and rules, we collect information in our subconscious.Think of your subconscious as having two spheres of energy. One is positive and one is negative. As we get older these orbs of energy are inflated with everything we are exposed to and all of our learned perceptions, values, and ideals. As these spheres grow, the goal is to have a larger ball of Positive energy and a VERY small negative ball of energy (a.k.a clutter).

Do you have someone in your life that is constantly negative? This person always sees the glass as being half empty and believes that the universe is out to get them. Their mantra is “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” These types of people have a negative ball of energy that is much larger than their positive one. These people also have no clarity of purpose in their lives or business. And to be honest as hard as it can be, it is best to limit your activity with these kinds of people because their negativity will most likely transfer to you and prevent you from ever achieving clarity in your life.  On my next post I promise we’ll get into chakras which are your energy centers. For now lets stick to clarity.

So before you can achieve any clarity you need to be able to free your mind of all the clutter, a lot like what I did with my closet.  I’m talking about really focusing on what you want and how you will get there. Think of your mind like a computer that operates on RAM. That RAM sometime needs to be de-cluttered to free up space for focus. The more RAM you have at your disposal, the more RAM you have to focus on your tasks at hand. There are many great ways to “brain dump” like many call it; meditation, yoga, writing, exercise, etc but I’ll leave that for another day.

Once you have freed your mind of all the clutter, the hard work begins. Answering these questions will put you on your way. 1. What is your purpose and what exactly does success look like for you? The word “exactly” is the key here. This is where everyone gets it wrong. We give very broad definitions of success and the how is never exactlydefined.  And 2. How again exactly will I achieve those goals? The more exact you are in defining this, the more likely you are to actually stay on the path. A life or business goal that is not clearly defined will not be clearly achieved. Part of the goal may be achieved, but you will not be completely satisfied with the results unless you take the time to define the entire goal upfront.

For example, today my business is all about helping women achieve success in their business through mentoring, consulting and energy healing. I decided that success for me was not about making money, but about the sense of fulfillment I get each time I see a client succeed. I write down specific ways I can achieve these goals each week and I apply them every day to my business.   You can have long-term and very specific goals. Like for example, I want to own my home by 2020, and the weekly goals are basically a breakdown of how exactly you will achieve that goal.

At my last event, I partnered with GreenLife Miami and Juicee so I want to thank them for sponsoring our event with their delicious food and pressed juices. They are both great examples of clarity. They are companies that believe in wellness and better living and align all their efforts with that focus. Whether it be marketing or product development, and growing their business, their decisions are driven by that ultimate goal and not by just some broad goal of being successful. they have defined exactly what that success looks like.

Bottom line is without clarity, your business and/or life moves from place to place like a ship without a captain. But with clarity, you run your business and your life “with purpose” and a focus on create amazing results — both for you and for your customers!

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