by Simranjit Walia

The Biggest Concern of any organisation should be when their most passionate people become quiet.


In complete sync with the thought process and quite a meaningful “one liner” that has much deeper meaning.  Work place is social place and in a social atmosphere “silence” can transpire into both negative or positive vibes. Albeit I feel communication is directly proportionate to productivity yet it doesn’t seem to do anything with passionate or non passionate ( people who just come to work and are, may be introverts) employees/colleagues .  But in both the cases the most common syndrome is “Not being heard”. In my 25 years innings with travel industry I have always encouraged people to communicate and communicate well. People seem to refrain from putting their point up, simple because of the reason of rejection. To me no idea is a foolish idea, one must get up and speak.

The three golden rules for communicating are:

  1. You must communicate when the assigned work is completed. Make your presence felt. Otherwise how would anyone know, who did what.
  2. You must communicate with your co-workers. This triggers the “Think, out of the box” rational.
  3. If your job is to communicate with customers / business partners, be very clear in your communications. This will leave no room for confusions and the relationship will go long way.

Yes !! In today’s corporate world we proudly talk about iteration rates. Has anyone ever thought of “ This “ iteration rate but what is the cost to the company as such to maintain the same. I am not against having people playing long inning in one company but this somewhere does jeopardize the growth opportunity for others and specifically within the company. AND yes ! This contributes a lot towards passionate people becoming suddenly silent.

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