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Nearly 80% of employers do an online search for potential candidates. What will they learn about you?

You always dress the part in live interviews. Let’s make sure your online presence matches up. And, puts your best foot forward.

The place to start is with LinkedIn.

This tool offers you individual sections to highlight past accomplishments. It provides employers with a secondary source to verify your skills and identity after your paper resume.

And it gives you more:

It enables you to list verifiable recommendations from past work colleagues.
It allows your peers to endorse you for certain skills.
It helps you link to outside resources like papers you’ve published and presentations you’ve given,.
It can show that you are connected to leaders and insiders in the space.
It can show you are part of associations and groups that focus on topics these employers care about.

Plus it enables you to create a profile of skills and experiences on that website that 97% of recruiters use to find job candidates.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, take just a couple of hours to create one. Setting up a basic profile can be done fast. You sign up, enter information about yourself from your resume, and post a professional looking picture.

From there, start reaching out to family, friends and past coworkers so you have a full and active network of connections.

Now, you’ve created a basic profile that at least covers the basics. You’ve set up a jumping off point to build relationships.

This profile can help you not just land jobs. It can help you learn about coworkers, build relationships with potential clients and partners and capture value in a number of other ways.

In the coming days, you’ll learn more about how to polish this profile up so you stand out from the crowd and how you can use social media to proactively help you land jobs.

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