It’s no secret that technology has made doing business easier and more effective for staffing firms.

But, if companies are not careful with security, it can be like leaving the front door to your house or office unlocked.

As a staffing company, data is one of our most important assets. We require highly sensitive personal data from our applicants and employees, and have a responsibility to safeguard that information. Be aware of the expected and unexpected sources of cyber threats and make sure you have the right security precautions in place. Here are some of the most common current threats.

Improperly Vetted Employees

When you hire someone, whether it’s for an internal opening or to add to your team of temporary workers, think about the amount of sensitive data they have immediate access to. Background check each employee carefully. If possible, limit their access to just what they need to perform their duties. Monitor new employees’ computer usage carefully, making sure they are not downloading any unnecessary files and that they are practicing safe browsing.


In spite of the practice being fraught with risk, allowing employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) has grown increasingly common. Personal devices add a means of access to your network that you don’t control and haven’t secured. Without proper guidance, employee’s personal devices are unlikely to be encrypted, and passwords are probably not up to your security standards. Even for the most conscientious employee, theft or other unauthorized use of a personal device used for work purposes can result in significant unintended negative consequences to their employer. Staffing company owners and managers must be aware of the risks, put the appropriate security measures in place, and make sure policies are clearly stated, agreed to in writing, and that the appropriate training has been provide.

Phishing & Social Engineering

Scammers get increasingly clever, as many users continue to let their guard down. Put a robust system in place to catch as many attacks as possible before they make it to your employees. Educate employees as to what phishing attempts look like, the kinds of links to never click on, and your company’s required protocol for reporting a possible misstep. For instance, emails that appear to come from a bank, credit card company or government agency can trick even the most careful person. Remind employees that they would not be asked for credit card numbers, passwords or social security numbers by any of these organizations. Instruct them to call the company for verification if they are uncertain by looking up the number online, not using contact information provided in the email.

Not Enough Cyber Security Talent

You may have the best of intentions to put security measures in place, but without the security staff to create and act on them, it simply won’t get done. As a staffing company owner, this goes for your client companies as much as your own. The gap between supply and demand for cyber security professionals could be as much as 1.5 million workers by 2019, according to a global survey of senior IT managers recently released by ManpowerGroup’s (NYSE: MAN) Experis division. Overestimate the number of security professionals you need, and recruit for them on an ongoing basis. Chances are you can find a place for each recruit in this high-demand field.


At People 2.0 we provide robust staffing software and comprehensive back office solutions that help keep your most sensitive and employee information and your most valuable client data safe and secure. We can help protect you from cyber threats, compliance challenges and employment-related liabilities – so you can focus on the things that make your staffing business grow.

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