This e-mail is to state that I have been recently employed by Leesburg Medical Center in Florida as a Registered Nurse. This was made possible with the assistance of Juli Van Der Meulen. Juli is an exceptional recruiter who was readily available throughout the entire application process. I have not experienced such thorough follow ups by a recruiter, she vividly portrayed that she sincerely cared about assisting me as I applied for this position for which I am grateful. Juli Van Der Meulen is highly recommended as a recruiter, an employee that so keenly exhibited high qualities and represented the company for which she is employed with the highest standards. I express my genuine appreciation to Mrs. Van Der Meulen for contacting me at an appointed time and assisting to me accomplish my goal of obtaining a position in the ICU as a Registered Nurse.- Erica C. BSN



Erica – Margate Testimonials

“Dionne it was great talking with you. I just wanted to commend you on your professionalism and realistic perspective. My dad is retired military and I was in the Air Force. I know Professionalism. Many of the other Recruiters behave as if they represent the companies and we Administrators are just a number. I talk with my other Administrator friends and they feel the same way. It was awesome to talk to a professional and respectable person who represents all parties in an equitable manner.” – L.A.C. / Texas Licensed Administrator


I want to start off by saying the level of professionalism is outstanding, Juli Van Der Meulen showed me a level of respect and positivity towards my employment process. She made my employment experience an ease. Being a new grad i didn’t have high hopes of finding a job so fast. But having Juli as my recruiter she made me comfortable and well informed of the whole process. I truly recommend this company to any future health care provider seeking employment. Thanks again

Eraldo Lopez RRT

I would like to give a Huge Thank You to Paul Rychlewski of American Recruiters. Throughout the duration of my career search Paul stood by my side in finding the perfect match to apply my experience and field of expertise. From the initial presentation to the final interview process American Recruiters made sure that I was fully prepared. I couldn’t be happier with my move.

Paul Rychlewski

“As a job candidate, working with Frank Carieri, I was presented with and offered an amazing opportunity for employment in the Pharmacy field. Frank has gone above and beyond to assist with every aspect of this process and has been invaluable to me, during each step of the way. With his constant support, encouragement and professionalism, through each phase of the phone and face to face interviews, I was ultimately offered a position with a company where I plan to grow for many years to come. There are not enough thank you’s that I could give; Frank is truly the best in this industry.”

– Pharmacy job candidate

Meary – Pharmacy Franchise Testimonial

I would like to share with you all, about how great the experience has been working with Juli Van Der Meulen of American Recruiters. Juli’s industry experience surely complements her professionalism.
She has shown great personal attention to my job search and always is one step ahead of the process, keeping me well informed and prepared.
I have truly enjoyed and appreciate her diligence, professionalism, and competence. I would highly recommend her to anyone, for their next career move. Sincerely, Francois -Acute Care Provider

Francois – Margate, FL Franchise Testimonial

Without hesitation, I would strongly urge anyone who is in the market for a new career opportunity to reach out to the Atlanta Franchise team. Throughout this process, I felt like Ina Philip was there for me every step of the way. She assisted me with wonderful advice which I believe helped me stand out above the rest of the other potential candidates seeking this role.  I attribute my successful job offer to Ina and her team. I cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance throughout this journey. I look forward to my new role as a Rehabilitation Transition Coordinator. -Kathleen L.

Kathleen – Atlanta Franchise Testimonial

The decision to become an American Recruiters Franchise Partner was easily the best of my professional career. I had already been in the recruiting industry for 17 years, most of which were spent in a large office environment. When I finally made the decision to go into business on my own, the American Recruiters team offered me enormous support and training, and the technology and infrastructure found in a large office environment. These critical systems and corporate infrastructure, that were available on Day 1, would have been impossible for me to replicate on my own. In addition, the American Recruiters, “team” approach to successful business, affords me the opportunity to interact, work and consult with other franchisees and members of the AR family on a daily basis. I am in business for myself, but “I’m never alone”. It’s been the key to the success of my business.

Jessie Cerminaro, Franchisee

I want to thank Juli Van Der Meulen for her hard work and tireless effort in guiding me toward my new job opportunity. You worked diligently to help me prepare for the interview and to overcome any obstacles that might have prevent this management opportunity for me. This opportunity has allowed me to enhance my skills and learn many new tasks. Thank you for your guidance and expertise in placing me into this new role as a CVOR Manager.-

Annette -Acute Care Candidate

I am so happy to have worked with Ina to support me in my job hunt. Her professionalism and true care for my needs, helped me to find a wonderful organization to continue my nursing experience and passion for excellent patient care.
-Robin RN, MBA, MSN

Robin -Acute Care Candidate