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  • These are the 47 unhealthiest jobs in the United States May 16, 2018 - By Andy Kiersz & Rachel Gillett – theLadders Some jobs intrinsically have more health risks than others. A flight attendant working in close quarters with passengers is more likely to catch an infectious disease than a lawyer working in an office, for example. Factor in the greater exposure to cosmic radiation, abnormal sleep patterns, and... read more
  • How to manage your boss – and yes, it’s a thing May 16, 2018 - By Linda Le Phan – theLadders   If you’re a working adult (of any age!), you’re probably used to managing your own schedule, priorities, and workload. But have you ever thought about the need to manage your boss/manager? Because believe it or not, it’s a real thing and it’s referred to in business management as managing... read more
  • 39 questions to make small talk with anyone May 9, 2018 - By Sarah Landrum –    theLadders   There’s nothing quite like breaking the conversational barrier with a friend or co-worker. In order to reach that level of chummy rapport, though, you have to endure a bit of small talk. Lots of people find it difficult to make small talk, and it’s no surprise why: You’re... read more
  • These are the uniquely human skills that employers say robots can’t do May 9, 2018 - By Lydia Dishman-Fast Company Fear not, robots aren’t coming for your work. Ninety-one percent of employers in the U.S. say they’re keeping their workforce as is, or plan to hire more people in the next two to three years as a result of automation. This is according to a new report from ManpowerGroup that surveyed 19,718 employers... read more
  • 11 Reasons to Work With a Business Coach May 9, 2018 - By Ben Fewtrell-RecruitLoop   As a business owner, it can get lonely and frustrating at times. Very few entrepreneurs have someone they can lean on when times get tough. A business coach is a great way for you to get non-biased help from someone who has the experience of building businesses. It is becoming commonplace... read more
  • Warren Buffett says you should ask this question to become the best version of yourself May 8, 2018 - By Glenn Leibowitz-LinkedIn   Warren Buffett is well known for his finely honed ability to spot immensely profitable investment opportunities. Besides his sage advice for investing in companies, though, Buffett has been known to share some of his time tested advice for personal development, like when he recently hosted a group of 20 students from China’s prestigious Peking University. The students... read more
  • How Can I Bond With My Team When I’m Remote? May 8, 2018 - By Kat Boogaard-theMuse   Dear Remote Worker,   I love working remotely. But, I’ve found that it can be challenging to bond with my boss and my team members when we don’t have the luxury of things like  lunches and happy hours.   How can I forge a solid, somewhat personal relationship with my manager... read more
  • What things should I stop doing at work immediately in order to succeed? May 7, 2018 - By Bernie Klinder – theLadders It’s hard to know what to advise you to stop doing, without knowing what you are doing, but let me start with this list: Stop wasting time We all have the same 1,440 minutes in our day. Once spent, they are lost forever. Successful people are ruthless about their time... read more
  • 4 Reasons to Automate Employee Onboarding May 4, 2018 - By Claire Wiggill – HR technologist Think back to your first day at your current job. Even if you knew a colleague or two, getting acclimated to the new role was no small task. Were your essential office items – access card, phone, laptop – ready when you arrived? More importantly, were you empowered to... read more
  • How to Get More Out of Your Job (Than Just a Paycheck, Of Course) May 2, 2018 - by Bill McCool – theMuse Any company can make a charitable donation to a good cause, but a business that can inspire their employees to give back or volunteer is truly leading by example. Plus, it’s an incredibly valuable recruiting tool. You want to work for a company whose values line up with your own,... read more
  • How to work with an incompetent boss where the end product is subjective? May 2, 2018 - theMuse I work in the advertising industry in the creative department, where everything we do is mostly subjective. I’ve worked for exceptional bosses in the past. But now, I work for one who is not qualified to be in the position he is in—makes decisions/mistakes that students make in their early years, doesn’t have good... read more
  • How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead Of Negative May 1, 2018 - By Loretta Breuning – Forbes Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as we wish it were so. Our brain evolved to promote survival. It saves the happy chemicals (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) for opportunities to meet a survival need, and only releases them in short spurts which are quickly metabolized. This... read more
  • No, Really: It’s Never Too Early to Get Ready for Retirement April 27, 2018 - theMuse “Really wish I had saved less for retirement,” said no one, ever. Also never spoken: “That was quick and easy, building up my retirement nest egg!” And for good reason. Amassing enough wealth to coast comfortably through your sunset years is no simple feat. So here’s why both saving and careful planning are necessary:... read more
  • A Reminder That Behind Every Awesome Accomplishment Is a Lot of Less Glamorous Work April 27, 2018 - By Stav Ziv – theMuse Eve L. Ewing’s first book, Electric Arches, was named to best book lists by the Chicago Tribune and NPR. It won the 2018 Norma Farber First Book Award from the Poetry Society of America, the 2018 Alex Award from the American Library Association, and the 2017 Chicago Review of Books... read more
  • Five Ways To Set Yourself Up For A Promotion April 26, 2018 - By Maynard Webb – Forbes Want to get promoted? It seems counter-intuitive, but the fastest way to do so is to obsolete yourself. Sure, there’s a natural fear that comes with rendering yourself unnecessary. Often, people believe they have to be needed; I even know some control freaks who believe they have to be center... read more
  • 10 unmistakable habits of utterly authentic people April 23, 2018 - By Travis Bradberry – theLadders Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Wilde made it sound so simple, but living with authenticity is a real challenge. To live authentically, you must own your actions and ensure that they align with your beliefs and needs. This can be a difficult thing to maintain... read more
  • Science says: Complaining about your bad boss will make it worse April 23, 2018 - By Elise Sole – theLadders There’s nothing more cathartic than a proper bitch session when your boss is being unreasonable, but the coworker you confide in has the power to hurt your career — and not in the way you’d think. According to a recent study in the Academy of Management Journal, slamming your boss... read more
  • How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead Of Negative April 23, 2018 - By Loretta Breuning – Forbes Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as we wish it were so. Our brain evolved to promote survival. It saves the happy chemicals (dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) for opportunities to meet a survival need, and only releases them in short spurts which are quickly metabolized. This... read more
  • 9 clear signs it’s time to quit your job April 23, 2018 - By Travis Bradberry – theLadders If you’re like most people, you spend more of your valuable waking hours at work than you do anywhere else. It’s critical that you spend your time at the right company, pursuing the right opportunity. Bad management does not discriminate based on salary or job title. A Fortune 500 executive... read more
  • 10 habits of mentally strong people April 23, 2018 - By Travis Bradberry – theLadders Despite West Point Military Academy’s rigorous selection process, one in five students drop out by graduation day. A sizeable number leave the summer before freshman year, when cadets go through a rigorous program called “Beast.” Beast consists of extreme physical, mental, and social challenges that are designed to test candidates’... read more
  • Five Ways To Have More Fun At Work April 23, 2018 - By Christine Comaford – Forbes How much fun are you having at work? Our brains need passion, play, and release at work. They’re essential to keeping us emotionally connected and engaged, to feel part of the tribe, to blow off steam and to create experiences. Here are five ways to have more fun at work.... read more
  • Brave Leadership: Seven Hallmarks Of Truly Courageous Leaders April 23, 2018 - By Margie Warrell – Forbes A robotic revolution, looming trade wars, random gun violence, chemical warfare… little wonder so many people are feeling anxious. Little wonder also that ‘VUCA’ – a term standing for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambitious – has become such a trendy managerial acronym. We live in anxious and uncertain times. The... read more
  • How-To: Stay Motivated April 23, 2018 - By Sam Boykin – Lifescapes You undoubtedly had the best intentions. But now that New Year’s Day is in the rearview mirror, your resolutions may have fallen by the wayside. You’re not alone. Among the people in the U.S. who make annual resolutions, only an estimated 9.2% achieve their goals. If you feel guilty, don’t.... read more
  • What You Should (and Shouldn’t!) Say When Your Boss Has Unreasonable Expectations April 23, 2018 - By Kat Boogaard – theMuse There are many words you’d use to describe your boss, but reasonable wouldn’t be one of them. You get it—your manager has a lot on her plate, which means it’s easy for her to lose sight of exactly how much she’s asking of you. But, while you can understand why... read more
  • 6 Things You Need to Do Right Now if You Think Your Job’s Killing You April 23, 2018 - By Stav Ziv – theMuse If Jeffrey Pfeffer had to sum up his latest book in one sentence, he’d say that “the workplace is killing us and nobody cares.” Take a minute, because that’s quite a summary. You should care, obviously. Employees, employers, governments, and societies all suffer from the effects of toxic work environments.... read more
  • What Professional Resume Writers Say About BETTER Resume Content April 17, 2018 - By: Heather Kaiser, Certified Professional Resume Writer   Oh no! I need to update my resume!   We’ve all been there – sitting at your desk, having a normal work day and then you hear a whisper or two. You hear “layoffs, downsizing, new management” and panic sets in quickly. You’ve been at your job... read more
  • New Job? 9 Ways To Advance From Day One April 17, 2018 - By Gary Burnison – Forbes Congratulations, you have a new job. Now, it’s time to start thinking about the next one. No, you’re not looking to jump to a new job right away. But the best way to get your next position is by distinguishing yourself in your brand-new job. For one thing, it’s always... read more
  • 6 Keys To Interacting With Opposite Sex Coworkers In The #MeToo Era April 17, 2018 - By Kim Elsesser – Forbes It has been about six months since the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced and launched the #MeToo movement. Although there were hopes that #MeToo would bring about real change in the workplace, after six months we have little to show for it. In fact, new research out this... read more
  • Four Ways To Protect Your Career From The Next Economic Downturn April 17, 2018 - By Mark Hall – Forbes “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” — John F. Kennedy When you consider the market’s reaction to recent economic indicators, the U.S. economy looks favorable for the foreseeable future. Congress passed what some consider significant tax reform, private sector job additions are up, and... read more
  • Master these 7 grammar tips if you want to sound smarter April 17, 2018 - By Kelly Laffey – theLadders As the executive editor of Avenue Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication based in New York City, I see the importance of proper grammar every day. But you don’t have to work in publishing to realize the necessity of good writing. Misplaced commas, an incorrect spelling, or a missing hyphen can... read more
  • 40 Questions To Ask A Mentor April 17, 2018 - By Jo Miller – Forbes Imagine you approached someone you admired, and boldly asked that person to mentor you. And the answer was “Yes!” But a year into the relationship, those monthly mentoring sessions might not invigorate you like they used to, and aren’t quite as energizing for the mentor, either. Have conversations with your... read more
  • If your boss says this, it’s a sign they probably underestimate you April 10, 2018 - By Terri Williams – theLadders Feedback is the key to success on any job, but some comments or responses may be warning signs of potential problems. Sometimes, the issue is a micromanaging boss. In fact, 59% of respondents in an Accountemps survey admitted to working for a micromanager at least once. If your boss uses... read more
  • 6 signs your boss is taking advantage of you April 10, 2018 - By Lindsay Tigar – the Ladders Early in your career, your first boss might have felt like a god to you: overflowing with knowledge, directly impactful on your success and the number one person you aimed to impress. While that admiration may wane as you grow in your industry — and even become a manager... read more
  • 7 politeness mistakes you could be making at work — even if no one’s broken it to you yet April 5, 2018 - By Jane Burnett theLadders When a bunch of people work together in a shared space, team dynamics can shift at the drop of a hat because of one person’s behavior. That being said, here’s roundup of seven ways you could be annoying your colleagues, even if no one’s told you yet. Not responding to a... read more
  • 5 Ways to Help Your Team Achieve Better Results April 5, 2018 - By Zorian Rotenberg – RecruitLoop To determine how well a manager is performing in their role, we look at the performance of their team. If the team is achieving their objectives, it means the manager is doing well. Yet, even when managers help their direct reports set goals, teams may fall short in terms of... read more
  • Five rude emails you send without realizing it April 5, 2018 - By Travis Bradberry theLadders Even the most likeable and well-mannered among us can still look like jerks in an email. Writing an email that comes across just like you do in person is a fine art. During a conversation, you adjust your tone, facial expression, gestures and posture in order to fit the mood of... read more
  • Are your perfectionist ways holding you back? April 4, 2018 - By: Sarah Virag theLadders “Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination” (Michael Hyatt) Are you a neat freak? Someone who constantly re-arranges things to make them ‘look right?’ Do you never miss an appointment? Agonise over every detail of a project until you are in a complete tailspin? Spend way too long preparing for everything you... read more
  • 4 Habits of Ultra-Likable Leaders That Are Hard to Find March 27, 2018 - By Marcel Schwantes – Inc. I often tell people that leadership is a journey. When you think you’ve arrived at the top of the mountain, look up. You’ll always find another peak to climb. The truth about leadership is actually coming to terms with never arriving at an absolute truth about how to lead yourself... read more
  • 5 ways you can come off untrustworthy in less than 10 seconds March 27, 2018 - By Carol Kinsley Goman – TheLadders Knowing whom to trust is an important social and business skill. But it’s not that simple – although it is fast. It took me only seven seconds to assess your confidence, competence, status, likeability, warmth, and, yes, your trustworthiness. You can’t stop me (or anyone, for that matter) from... read more
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Employees Want to Leave March 15, 2018 - By Karim Ansari – UndercoverRecruiter Imagine being in a situation where that star employee that you cant imagine running your business without wants to leave. And you’re sitting there thinking what have I done to allow this to happen? Retaining top talent is as important, if not more important, then attracting new talent. And top... read more
  • 7 clues you’re about to be fired — and what you can do about it March 5, 2018 - By: Rachel Weingarten – theLadders If you’re feeling that Monday morning dread every day of the week — you may be onto something. While it’s not always a great idea to trust your gut about every single work issue, here’s when it may be worth wondering if your job’s in danger. 1. You’re not that... read more
  • 6 reasons why your boss doesn’t trust you February 26, 2018 - By: Evangelia Leclaire – Ladders Studies reveal that one of the main reasons employees are dissatisfied at work is because of their relationship with their manager. While it is a manager’s responsibility to establish a positive and productive work environment built on trust, employees play a large part in building or breaking that. Rather than... read more
  • Survey: These are the top office stress factors February 22, 2018 - By: Jane Burnett – Ladders Recent research ahead of National Stress Awareness Day on November 1, from compensation, culture, and career monitoring site Comparably, shows that the top cause of stress cited by 42% of employees is “unclear goals.” Looks like some workers really feel like they could use more direction – even more so... read more
  • 7 TIPS FOR HIRING AN ALL-STAR EMPLOYEE WHO WILL HELP YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS February 14, 2018 - BY RACHEL JACKSON – Social Hire The best employees can help you to take your business to the next level. Their skills, dedication and drive are key to your success. But how do you make sure you find and hire the best of the best? Here are seven tips for hiring an all-star employee who... read more
  • Suzy Welch: 3 ways to overcome a bad reputation at work February 14, 2018 - By: CNBC Make IT.- Suzy Welch How you’re perceived at work is crucial to your success. While you’re not always going to please everyone, developing a bad reputation can hold you back from getting the job, pay raise or new project you’ve been eyeing. According to bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch, a... read more
  • Overcoming failure in the office February 12, 2018 - By Jane Burnett – theLadders No one is immune to failure, but there are a few things you can do to pick up the pieces and move forward — whether you’re an employee or a manager. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time it happens to you. Choose your words... read more
  • 7 politeness mistakes you could be making at work — even if no one’s broken it to you yet February 12, 2018 - By Jane Burnett – theLadders When a bunch of people work together in a shared space, team dynamics can shift at the drop of a hat because of one person’s behavior. That being said, here’s roundup of seven ways you could be annoying your colleagues, even if no one’s told you yet. Not responding to... read more
  • How Do I Play Nice With the Other Managers at Work? January 22, 2018 - By: Kim Scott – The Muse Dear Boss, How can I work more effectively with managers in other divisions or teams without causing conflicts or political issues? Signed, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Dear Why Can’t We All Just Get Along, This is a tough situation to navigate for many managers, and the... read more
  • The 9 worst mistakes you can ever make at work January 18, 2018 - By: Travis Bradberry – The Ladders No matter how talented you are or what you’ve accomplished, there are certain behaviors that instantly change the way people see you and forever cast you in a negative light. We’ve all heard of (or seen firsthand) people doing some pretty crazy things at work. Truth is, you don’t... read more
  • 10 Signs You Have a Bad Manager January 18, 2018 - By: Run ADP Managers play a critical role in hiring and motivating employees, enforcing policies and rules, and promoting a fair and productive workplace. This is particularly true for small employers, where a single bad manager can wreak havoc. Here are 10 signs you may have a bad manager: #1: Takes all the credit, none... read more