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We Get To Know You And We Prepare You

At American Recruiters we lead you all the way from determining your skill level to placing you on a job that matches you to available positions. When you leave for the US, we make sure you have a job.

We’re Committed To Your Safety

We assist you in finding housing in safe neighborhoods. We provide you with pertinent information to the local area and check on you every step of the way up to start date and beyond.

Jobs, Good Pay & Benefits

We work hard to find you employment. We provide you with all the details. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to pursue a particular job. It’s important to understand that you will only be considered for jobs you are qualified to do, including fluently speaking English, you must meet all requirements.

About You

The ideal candidate is independent, confident, a purpose-driven person with realistic expectations about moving to a new area. One who understands goals and steps to becoming successful; is prepared to invest in their own future, who understands this is a commitment and American Recruiters wants to help you reach your goals.

Local Interviews

  • Your trust and safety builds our credibility and that’s paramount to us.
  • We come to you, we’ll always interview you at the Labor Department offices, school or by appointment at our local offices in San Juan.
  • American Recruiters understands your concerns because we’ve been recruiting individuals like you for years.
  • American Recruiters knows moving to the mainland for many requires a much greater cultural, linguistic and social leap than moving from one state to another.
  • You interview via phone, skype and face-to-face when needed and receive a job offer locally.

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Jane Diaz, Franchisee

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american-recruiters-jane-diazJane Diaz has been in HR/Recruiting for over 20 years. Her educational background is in Business Administration and HR Management, this has allowed her to become a certified trainer and Consultant. She has worked with an array of companies in various industries, started out with a staffing agency and stayed there for 3-1/2 years, that’s where she earned her “wings”. Some of her most proud moments were from the time she worked for Chipotle (5 years), where she was part of the brand building team which was exhilarating to her. She learned so much that has allowed her to reach this level. 7 years ago she moved to the Caribbean and in 2011 started her own recruiting firm known as RDC Recruiting Services. She stayed small for a couple years and over time has recognized the quality of local human capital in Puerto Rico. She has since taken her business to a whole new level by coordinating professional career fairs and direct placements, along with consulting specifically for U.S. based companies desiring to recruit highly skilled talent from Puerto Rico. They are U.S. Citizens, bilingual and eager individuals with varied experiences and education. They are able to relocate to the U.S. immediately and are seeking long term employment. They are customer-centric, family-oriented and committed which comes through in their job performances. Since 2011, our business has placed nearly 1,200 professionals from Puerto Rico per year in vacancies ranging from hourly to management positions. We’ve partnered with nursing/medical schools, colleges & universities that offer Associates, Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in Nursing to recruit new grad and alumni alike. The nursing programs in PR are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Office Expertise:  Hospital Acute Care

Areas of expertise:

  • Nursing and Nurse Leadership
  • Rehabilitation Staff, Leadership
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